In a time of arrogance

We are in a time of arrogance
our fate with introspection
our lives that we didn’t make ourselves
to make us strong with life choices
to dedicate ourselves to good, success and profit
so in personal expression
it should appear
that we have the evil, the suffering, the need
for ourselves and in the world
have overcome with our effort

We are all not the best
by what we do
we don’t need the big one
we have to be humble
Cope with the simple every day

The fruits of life
are our surrender
work for us
the other
the care of things
given the harvest

We all think
the tree as a picture of life
we are nevertheless in failure
as if we were by deed
us the other
achieve something dignified

Über hgamma

Der Traum sagt mehr, als das was ich mir denken kann.

3 Antworten zu “In a time of arrogance

  1. What we share should not be used to make followers or even friends
    We don’t want to earn anything from what we have to say
    We are not burdened with a higher self
    the things, the people, the life,
    on the fingers of what they are doing right
    or not,
    to have them under observation and to watch

  2. True, well written Hans👏🏻❤️

  3. Imagination very well shaped into a form of poetry… Amazing!😃👍🌸

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