What almost didn’t happen

Die unteilbare Würde
von allen Menschen
wird durch Gewalt missachtet

Carpe Diem😍

Based on events happening in real life.

What have we done?

All the streets are reeking of blood. The scent is choking— it harshly slips into our widely open nostrils. Our masks cannot save us from such a smell!

Safety has become history. At least when we were warned to put on our face masks, we knew we could then somehow be safe from Covid-19. At least then we knew we could maintain social distancing inside our houses and still be safe. What now? Homes are no longer places we can call sanctuaries. We remain indoors with our hearts pounding heavily because we might be torched alive while inside them!

I may not know much about my country’s history. But I know that we were birthed to mornachy in the year 1968. Whether citizens of that time had a say in either the country becomes a monarchial government or a…

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