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    • Auguri per il nuovo anno che è già iniziato.

      • Jewish T’NaCH and Talmudic scholarship prizes חדושים. Rote learning merits about as much respect as a five year old who still wets his pants.

        All the classic Reshonim commentaries to the Talmud emphasize in their Title commentaries this key concept of Jewish respect and awe – חדושים. Something like the early Bolsheviks did not really respect Stalin as a political leader, till he, at least so he claimed, originated the political theory of ‘Socialism in One Country’. This socialist ‘political science’, challenged the, so to speak, first born heir of Lenin, Troskii – author of “the Permanent Revolution”; that once the Socialist revolution erupted in one country that it would “infect” the surrounding countries as well. The Corona virus serves as a Prime example of Troskii’s political theory.

        After Rav Ashi and Rav Ravina sealed the Shas Bavli, based upon the precedent that Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the T’NaCH, followed by Rabbi Yechudah Ha’Nasi who sealed his 6 Orders of the Mishna (Sha’s), all Talmudic scholarship their after searched to understand the depths of the Talmud. The Gaonim scholars merit admiration and praise for their excellent works which produce the great Midrashim compilations. Yes perhaps a very early Reshon compiled the ילקוט שמיוני, but its roots sink right into the fertile soil of Gaonim scholarship.

        As mentioned previously, Rav Nemuraskii introduced me to original sh’itta of learning that none of my peers in any Yeshiva across Israel learned. Learning through the discipline of this novel sh’itta, it gave me a trump card over all other rabbis and talmidim across Israel. Rabbi Shalom Elyashiv, clearly based upon Rav Nemuraskii’s recommendation, chose me to clean his shul prior to Shabbot and Yom Tov. He had all the Yeshivot bochorim in Yerushalem to chose from; something akin to the King choosing a wife, as told in the Book of Esther.

        Traditionally the best learner in a Yeshiva, the Rosh Yashiva would request that he clean the beit knesset prior to Shabbot. For some 7 years, till my marriage, had the great honor to clean the beit knesset of Rabbi Elyashiv. This brought me into contact with the sons and grandchildren of the great Posek Ha’Dor. Moshe and Benyomin Elyashiv danced at my wedding.

        The חדוש sh’itta of learning, immediately advanced me to a position of eye to eye with all rabbinic authorities. Rabbi Nemuraskii favored learning the Talmud with Midrashic sources – based upon the פרדס logic format explanation of the Oral Torah revealed to Moshe the prophet @ Horev. This permitted me the ability to, so to speak, spin circles around all my peers and rabbinic authorities whomever and whenever they crossed my path. How could an assimilated socialist Yid from Texas, who came to Israel totally illiterate in Hebrew, master all T’NaCH, Talmud, Midrashim and Siddur in only a few years?! Naturally this possibility did not exactly please all my rabbinic peers.

        Rav Nemuraskii felt that had he not served to fight in the 1948 War of Independence, that he could have become a ‘great Rav’. His death brings tears to my eyes some 22 years after his passing. Rav Nemuraskii, he permanently changed the course of my life destiny. I love Aaron Nemuraskii, hands down the most influential person in my life, except for Karen my wife, and HaDas my blaggart(not blaggard) only daughter.

        Rav Nemuraskii repeatedly said: טוב מיעט ממיעט טוב\better a little well that a lot not so well. In my life, the sh’itta of learning which Rav Nemuraskii introduced me to, defines the word חדוש\original. Remember sitting together with him in the back of the beit midrash, while some ‘great’ Rav gave over a shiur of learning. Rav Nemuraskii immediately recognized any outside source precedent which that ‘great’ Rav introduced to strengthen his argument. We sat in the back, and no one paid us any mind. Rav Nemuraskii painted houses for a living, many of his peers in Jerusalem they did not know of his tremendous grasp on all Talmudic and T’NaCH subjects. He quietly lived his life as a no-body, wrote no famous commentaries, but taught ‘fear of heaven’ to his talmidim. ‘Fear of heaven’, the knowledge that the Yatzir Ha’Rah cause destroy the Good Name and reputation of a man in the blink of an eye. Never had a son, but perhaps should HaDas birth a boy, maybe she would name the child Aaron in the honor of my Rav.

        The next sh’lov\מדרגה/level of Torah scholars, the Reshonim followed after the Gaonim schools fell into decay. Most Yeshiva talmidim, they study the חדושי הרמב”ן חדושי הרשב”א etc etc. The Ramban’s Talmudic commentary, to cryptic and terse for me. The Walls had begun to fall in upon Western European Jewry. Far prefer his מלחמת השם, written at about the age of 18 years. Moshe ben Nachman 1194–1270, lived during the disaster of the burning of all the Talmuds in Paris. He, like Ezra and Rambam came from assimilated Spain. Assimilation – the first face of avodah zarah and the basis for the term t’shuvah.

        Early in the 1990s the baali t’shuva movement had awaken in Israel, like the flower children of the anti Vietnam Hippies. Found it quite humorous that Yidden, they don’t understand the Torah basis of that mitza. What mitzva serves as the יסוד upon which stands t’shuvah or חדושים — learn?

        When encountering a Yeshiva student, often would ask them, ‘from what mitzv does the Torah define the term חדוש? Never met a student or rabbi who ever gave me a clear answer. It so reminded me of my youth in Dallas, and my job of peddling kitchen wares which filled the trunk of my car. Direct sales, very difficult, at least in my experience. My boss would hold pep rallies before sending us off to sale our goods. We could challenge one another. This motivational risk appealed to me. Over and again, challenged my peers to a sales contest, and lost every time. “Pie in the sky, Pie in your eye”, my peers would yell and laugh, as my competitor smashed a cream pie into my face, at the end of a long day without any sales.

        Repeatedly asked Yeshiva Bochurim, over and again for years, “do you have a חדוש in learning? There standard response: there are many חדושים. To which I responded, but I only asked for one. Invariably, the only answer ever given – silence. Why?

        What makes חדושים so completely out of touch with Yeshiva students who learn all day in Yeshivot across Israel? Alas most Yeshiva students learn with a טפש פשט dogmatism. No rabbi ever instructed them that they have an obligation … to learn mitzvot from other mitzvot. This places them on par with Xtians who literally believe that 40 days after the revelation of the Torah at Sinai – that Israel worshiped a golden calf! Or the טפש פשט that the T’NaCH teaches ancient history! That said, the rebuke of my mother rings in my ears: “Easier to be a critic than a playwright”.

        What mitzva דאורייתא serves as the יסוד of all Torah חדושים? Answer: Pe’ah. The second tractate of Seder Zeraim of both the Mishnah and the Talmud. This tractate addresses the negative commandment not to harvest the corners of the field. The mitzva to give tzedakah to the poor, widows and orphans. It takes virtually no skill to pick the low hanging fruits from off a tree. But to get the 4 or 5 olives at the top boughs of the tree, far more risky and dangerous. The Book of Ruth addresses the tzedakah of Pe’ah. Hungry folk who glean fields in search of food, their empty stomachs cherish any food found.

        Most Yeshiva bochurim which crossed my path, they lacked this hunger to grasp original depth understands of the Torah. Learning for them compares to a job, they do their time in Yeshiva, they study their competitive commentaries ie pilpul, and then thereafter, they pursue their real life interests. This basic complaint, causes me to favor the argument that Yeshiva bochurim should serve in the Army like as did Rav Nemuraskii.

        Remember when first introduced myself to Rav Nemuraskii and asked him if he would teach me how to learn Talmud. His response totally shocked me. “Why did i want to learn Talmud?” He then added: “Have taught in this Yeshiva for some 25 years, and have met many talmidim, some of whom learn better than I do. Yet come shabbot, these brilliant talmidim do forbidden melachot on shabbot! Come. Sit and learn hilchot Shabbot of the Mishnah Berurah, and afterwards, we’ll discuss how to learn the Talmud.” That’s how Rav Nemuraskii introduced himself to me.

      • מאז הילדות שלי
        אני מציית לנשמה
        נותן לי את התובנה
        דרך החלום
        מי אני באמת
        כדי לקבל את התובנה הדרושה

      • לבד בעצמי
        כל הטענות



      • צדק צדק תרדוף

      • אני לא חייב
        מישהו אחר
        שמצווה עליי את תפיסת עולמו
        אני לא צריך לעקוב אחרי זה

        צדק בין בני אדם
        נותן לי את זה
        לא במובן הזה

        ולרדוף את בעלי הכוח העולמיים

        הצדקנות שלהם כלפי החיים
        יש מי שבשלטון
        בדרכה שלה

        האנשים האלה
        שן כנגד שן
        נגד עין
        כבוד האדם הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה
        לרמוס ברגליים

      • בכל גלות אין שום בית משפט עשה צדק אחרי ישראל מקבלים נזק. רק בארץ יהודים יש לנו את הברית לקיים צדק — שן כנגד שן וכו

      • יש לי את הזכרונות
        לא מתועד במילים

        מי מהאבות והאמהות שלי
        היו כל כך אכזריים
        ואנשים חפים מפשע

        אני לבד
        אני לא יכול
        נגד הרוע
        להילחם נגד זה

        אין צדק
        אם אני
        במקום שלי בו אני גר
        לא כל יום
        לא מה שיד שמאל רוצה
        יותר טוב
        עם יד ימין

      • Growing Godly Generations@wordpress.com Flawed Saviors (Judges 10-12)
        First Order of business, bankrupt and totally flawed logic to strip p’sukim\verses/ from the surrounding contexts within their specific sugia\sub chapter/ which contains them. This basic error defines the new testament as the most vile and worthless of propaganda. This criminal distortion of p’sukim, aborted by force from the “womb” of their sugia\subchapter(s), it defines the Xtian abomination known as the new testament.

        It amounts to the empty rhetoric of a black baptist preacher who screams at his congregation: “You Gonna Have Faith!”. Like as if this word “Faith” a single Xtian in 2000+ years has ever troubled themselves with asking the question: “Just how does the Torah of Moshe define that term? Such a question, as likely to happen as a whore remaining chaste and modest, in Xtian societies throughout history!

        T’NaCH learns by way of precedents. Why? Because the T’NaCH exists as an early codification of Jewish common law. And all common law, whether be it ancient Israel, or Mishnaic Talmud, or British common law etc etc etc all common law legal systems stand upon the rule of precedents. Cherry picking p’sukim\verses/ aborted prematurely from the wombs of their sugia\sub chapter/ mothers, about as barbaric as a Cossack cutting out the baby of a pregnant Jewish woman, and sowing the bitch up, but first putting in a live cat that woman’s womb! The Cossack murdered both the mother and her baby, and slapped one another on their backs praising their cleverness.

        Cherry picking p’sukim\verses/ stolen completely out of context, the equivalent of the morality of woman pro abortion activists, who come knocking on the doors, and evangelize the Good News: Have you aborted a baby lately? JeZeus loves you, you can abort that 9 month baby, because women have the right to choose! Only a total retard, lacks the ability to pick up a bible and quote verses. This complete and utter narishkeit\non sense/ merits nothing but loathing contempt.

        The study of both T’NaCH and Talmud stands upon a simple יסוד\foundation/ … Logic takes priority over Law. This simple rule: defines all T’NaCH and Talmudic scholarship. The Xtian religion of avodah zarah has never grasped, much less so – respected, this יסוד basis upon which stands both T’NaCH and Talmud. But then, Xtians just assume that they can understand the deepest most profound thoughts produced by Israelite and Jewish civilizations totally divorced and completely removed from any understanding of the culture, customs, manners, practices, and ways of the people who wrote both the Books of the T’NaCH and the Talmud together with its Midrashim!!! A baby dropped on its head at birth, even that crushed and deformed infant, would cry out and yell at the stupidity of such arrogance.

        And yet, herein defines how Xtians study their bible counterfeit abominations throughout the long tyranny which defines the bloody history of the church of Europe for 2000+ years of criminal oppression and perverted corruption by both priests and pastors. Righteously commenting on T’NaCH sources as if the church does not stand upon graveyards upon graveyards upon graveyards of murder rape theft oppression slander and arrogance. The end result of church morality … the Shoah wherein European barbarians tortured and murdered 75% of all European Jewry in less than 4 years.

        [[[“””Jephthah also makes a vow to God, that if he is provided victory, he will offer a sacrifice to God (11:30-31). While Jephthah expected to sacrifice one of his servants, He did not realize it would be his only child – a daughter! Horridly, it would not be uncommon to offer human sacrifice to pagan idols; yet entirely inappropriate for worship to the LORD. Jephthah’s hasty vow to sacrifice whatever walked through the doors was foolish and shameful. Like many today, his faith was not based on God’s covenant love but contractual logic: If you grant my wish, I’ll give you token worship; If you do not do as I command, then I will cast you off. God showed Jephthah that true worship is costly – not that He wanted a child sacrifice but that He expected a sincere heart.”””]]]

        Gawd the piety of your self righteousness simply reeks. It amazes me that you did not pass out when you wrote this trash narishkeit\non sense/. Common law stands upon precedents. Precedents, they compare to that of artillery fired upon an enemy target. Fire a precedent shell just before the enemy … fire another precedent shell just over the enemy … then BOOM! Fire for effect and blow up the despised hated enemy unto kingdom come. Gawd will have to look after the enemy dead because Israel intends to scatter their flesh and bones to the four corners of the Planet Earth; the predators and birds complain that the dismembered bodies of the slaughtered enemy, stripped of any descent meat!

        Something like the female Nazi guards who made lamp shades from murdered Jewish hides. They continually complained to the male SS guards, that all the Jewish hides which they received had so many preexisting holes in them, that it made it next to impossible to stretch a stinking Jewish hide, to make a descent lamp shade! The SS Head responded to this harsh criticism. He ordered 10,000 Jewish prisoners to assemble. The SS guards thereafter mowed down the prisoners with concealed machine guns. To atone for Jewish bodies having torn flesh, and their poor medical treatment – of their obviously self inflicted wounds, and their contrary laziness; as their excuse to avoid doing a descent day’s slave labor, while in the death camps under starvation rations.

        Let’s Learn. The sugia which contains your cherry picked p’sukim שופטים יא:כט-לא. Opening search for a precedent … שופטים ז:ב-ו There a strong mussar message did Gid’on receive: פן יתפשאר עלי וכו\perhaps you will exalt yourself over me?! Your attempt to impose a tumah will upon Gid’on only reveals your own shallow heart.

        Second shot shoots over the target. יהושי א:א-ט The Torah strictly forbids human sacrifice. The dedication והיה היוצא אשר יצא מדלתי\that which goes out of my door/ requires much more than a טפש פשט brain dead literal reading of the words. Had a pig, in keeping with Muslim sympathies … had a camel … gone out the door would you demand that he offer a pig/camel up on the altar?! Gawd. This addiction to literally believing the written word, it compares to the absolutely ridiculous idea that Israel worshiped a physical golden calf 40 days after the revelation of the Name of HaShem revealed in the opening Commandment of the Torah @ Sinai! Now compare שופטים א:א-ז. Justice stand on מדה כנגד מדה: measure for measure and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. The טפש פשט which again makes a literal reading of texts, proves that mussar can not instruct stupid. The Talmud inquires the value of the eye and tooth. Monetary compensation for damages defines how the sages understand the basis of Torah justice. What monetary value does a man affix for his only daughter?

        שופטים ז:ד-ח BOOM Fire for Effect! בשלוש מאות האיש/these 300 person\. Now if HaShem chose them, then HaShem likewise chooses who goes out of the door of Gid’on’s house. Mitzvot do not come by way of Torah transgressions. King Shaul and his son, they serve as a similar case to Gid’on and his daughter. Once Gid’on’s daughter greeted her father, Gid’on had a Torah obligation to consult with the Sages and ask them to interpret the intent of his vow. Because Gid’on failed to accept this mussar, his children would later suffer mass slaughter. But not by the hand of HaShem! The story of all Judges centers around the efforts, or failure, to impose the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Republic of Tribes.

        The the Judges, together with all the kings – David stands alone – they all failed to establish and impose the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Tribes of the Republic. Therefore Israel chose Torah curses of death over Torah blessings of Life — the king of Bavil took my people into g’lut. During the 2nd Temple period, again my people failed to do t’shuvah and make the Torah the Written Constitution of the Republic. Rome took my people into g’lut/exile. The mussar of the Prophets applies equally to all generations of bnai brit, both way back then and today.

      • כן זה נכון
        אי אפשר לתאר במילים

        את הדיכוי
        של היהודים
        את הגירוש
        ועד היום
        את השואה
        אנטישמיות עד עצם היום הזה

      • All generations of our people stand on this basic question. Do we establish the Torah as the Constitution of the Republic Yes\No?

      • אני אף אחד
        אַף לֹא אֶחָד
        כִּתבֵי הַקוֹדֶשׁ
        מחויב לשום קהילה

        אני חי במדינה
        יש לחוקה
        לא תואם את דעתי

      • א
        אלף דעות

      • כן זה נכון
        אי אפשר לתאר במילים

        את הדיכוי
        של היהודים
        את הגירוש
        ועד היום
        את השואה
        אנטישמיות עד עצם היום הזה

      • Israelis like myself have an obligation to make the Torah the Constitution of the Republic.

      • פרק ג of the Book of ויקרא. This chapter its rather small ג:א – ה. Rather interesting, it more compares to a סוגיא rather than a פרק. An immediate observation, the sharp contrast to the Order of organization of the Safer Torah to that of the Chapter/verse Order of the Xtian bible. How a person “organizes” thought, radically influences the perspective and conclusions reached, as a result of that Ordered organization.

        The basic order of a US squad, its divided into two fire teams. This atomic organization of US military tactics, duplicated by all Armies across the world with slight variations. Current news\noise/ jabbers about the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. As previously mentioned the Napoleonic and Nazi invasions of Russia produced a huge – long enduring – national trauma which has permanently scared the Russian psyche. In similar vein as did the Mongol invasion of the 13th and 14th Centuries.

        Napoleon’s main invasion thrust came through Estonia Latvia and Lithuania. Whereas the Nazi invasion focused upon the Ukraine, consequent to Stalin’s Collective farming – war – waged against the agrarian Kulaks, peasants who owned over 8 acres of land towards the end of the Russian Empire. The latter three countries have already joined the hostile Nato alliance. Hence the Russian outright refusal of the Ukraine likewise joining the Nato alliance. The threat of a 2 pronged double envelopment, which by-passes Belarus, similar to the Pacific tactics of Island hopping during WWII, this threat Russia has emphatically proven that it will not tolerate.

        The winter campaign in the Ukraine, it compares to the war fought against Finland prior to the Nazi invasion. Russian’s winters play heavy in its strategic planning. Both France and Germany opened their invasions during the Spring and Summer months. A Nato invasion, if it happened would most probably begin in the Winter season, in hopes to achieve both surprise and the realization that any war with Russia would include winter fighting. Better to begin a war under the harsh constraints of winter while the supply lines remain within Nato’s sphere of domain than risk a Stalingrad entrapment.

        In the French invasion, Tzar Alexander refused to engage the French army. The Russian army made an organized retreat. It forced Napoleon to enter into the bowls of Russian territory, and through a scorched earth policy – it robbed him of his expected ‘glorious victory’. The Nazi invasion, by sharp contrast Stalin actually enticed the Nazis to invade.

        Stalin needed to fight the coming “long drawn out war” while Britain remained holding the dreaded, according to Hitler, second front. Stalin absolutely depended upon Nazi brutality; he needed that idiot Corporal to bleed his People white! Stalin’s barbaric policies during the decade of the ’30s, it forced him to actually desperately depend upon Hitler’s cruel SS stupidity; to scrub the dreadful memories of Stalin’s horrible and incompetent revolutionary policies — from the collective consciousness of his USSR peasants. Stalin, to some degree, he weighed FDR’s own collectivization policies, which transferred unto corporate monopolies, almost all the privately owned farmlands, which made up most of rural America — prior to the Depression.

        Stalin also based his Great conflict strategies upon the model – a “long stalemate war”. This strategic model, he attributed as the primary cause which brought about the total collapse of the Tzar empire; consequent to the 1905 Japanese military achievements, and their destruction of the Russian fleet. The coming Great War with Germany already surpassed WWI – with the French surrender to Germany. WWI not only permitted, it actually caused the Bolshevik revolution. Stalin’s problem … why should WWII not produce similar results? In short, Stalin’s throne, it sat on a very shaky foundation. The political realities which threatened Tzar Alexander, they share little or no comparison to those – Stalin confronted.

        Let’s learn. This third פרק of ויקרא addresses Shalom korban dedications. Shalom rests upon a יסוד\foundation of trust. The shabbos meals, clearly teaches that shalom, made with family and friends – but not with non bnai brit aliens. Consequently, a shalom korban dedication, this sanctification, it formally renews the oath brit alliance among our People, after the conclusion of a Court room judicial ruling, which resolves a legal dispute among conflicting parties within our Jewish civilization. Red ants never invite Black ants, or any other species of ant, into their colonies. The Talmud differentiates a korban oleh from a korban shalom. The former, even Goyim can dedicate an oath alliance to HaShem. Not so a shalom korban. Only an Israel can sanctify such an oath dedication, sworn to HaShem – upon the altar in Jerusalem. Goyim have never accepted the oath brit revelation of the Written & Oral Torah @ Sinai\Horev.

        A slightly distant precedent, דברים ב: לא – לז. Based upon this משנה תורה, a shalom korban first and foremost our people dedicate unto HaShem following war victory over our enemies. Clearly a shalom korban predicates itself upon shalom among our own people. Soldiers fight like lions when we fight the enemy as a ‘band of brothers’.

        Another slightly distant precedent: יד:א – כא. Only the chosen Cohen nation has the obligation to respect and observe states of tohor & tumah. The dietary laws which differentiate tohor from tumah animals, birds, fish and insects, these dietary obligations, they separate the Jewish “ant colony” from all other “ant colonies” on the face of this Earth throughout history. Just as Goyim do not observe the dietary laws, so too Goyim forbidden to dedicate shalom offerings upon the altar in Jerusalem.

        A distant precedent: יז:ח – יג. Justice among our people absolutely relies and depends upon the lateral common law court rooms. Any bnai brit person who despises the judicial ruling issued by the Courts, that person has committed a Capital Crime against our nation.

        Another distant precedent: כג: ד -ז. The eternal ban placed upon the male descendants of Lot for their evil eye and bad faith. The Talmud refers to Europeans as Esau. Our history under the rule of those barbarians, shares similarities to the psychic trauma scars born by the Russian people; the suffering they endured from those horrific invasions.

        A perfect precedent: כד:א – ט. The model of shalom stands upon the יסוד\foundation of a husband wife relationship. The obligation to walk with tohor spirits together with all our People, it best defines shalom. Tumah spirits, they so to speak, temporarily transform a “red ant” unto a “black ant” or some other alien species of ant. No Goyim peoples or societies, throughout all the annuls of Human history, have ever weighed and prioritized tohor spirits over tumah spirits. Therefore the Torah absolutely teaches a clear negative commandment that Goyim must never dedicate a shalom korban upon the altar of Jerusalem.

        ישעיה כח: ה- טו, this mussar commandment likewise serves as a precise precedent. Woe to our nation when religious dogmatic ritualism defines our faith in HaShem. When our drunk scholars and judges behave with contempt, they ignore the wisdom of lateral common law, they daily flout their Capital Crime contempt for shalom to reign and prevail within the society of our oath alliance People. A curse rests upon the leads of assimilated rabbis who corrupt Torah common law unto Goyim statute law. Herein defines the k’vanna of:
        ולירושלים עירך ברחמים תשוב, ותשכן בתוכה כאשר דברת, ובנה אותה בקרוב בימינו בנין עולם, וכסא דוד עבדך מהרה לתוכה תכין. ברוך אתה ה’, מצמיח קרן ישועה

      • לשרת את הנשמה זה מספיק.

      • No. Justice requires law.

      • צדק רק עבור הנבחרים הצודקים רק עבור האנשים האלה החוק חל
        לא בשבילנו

      • A Pauline idea. Not Jewish.

      • צִיטָטָה:

        רעיון פאוליני. לא יהודי.

        הנשמה כוללת את כל האלים
        הרעיונות של האנשים
        על האלוהים שלהם שהם יוצרים את עצמם ומאמינים בו

      • Sorry. Cannot employ the term נשמה unless you can prove it from the Torah. What differentiates נפש,רוח,חיים, יחדת הנפש, ונפש כללי one from another. Kabbalah employs all these terms under the category of „soul“.

      • Quote:

        We’re sorry. Cannot use the term soul unless you can prove it from the Torah. What distinguishes mind, soul, life, unity of mind and common mind soul from each other. Kabbalah uses all of these terms under the category „soul.“


        כאשר א
        כִּתבֵי הַקוֹדֶשׁ,
        עבור, נפש,
        חיים, אחדות המוח
        והמוח המשותף „נשמה“

        אילו מונחים וקטגוריות
        שימושים עבורו

        דת משותפת לכל האנשים
        התנאים שלהם
        כל המונחים האלה תחת הקטגוריה „נשמה“
        מציג אותנו כחסרי טעות להאמין

        הנשמה והרוח בתוכנו
        לא בחוץ
        לא לבטא במילים
        ולא ניתן להוכחה

      • נשפ used as soul, as you correctly point out used by many Hebrew sources. But how do those sources define the term soul which they employ. The same question applied to you equally applies to those sources.

      • Simply stated: 2 wrongs do not make a right.

      • Quote:

        Simply stated: 2 wrongs do not make a right.


        מה שחסר לא תמיד קל להחליף.

      • Most definitely not impossible. Religious rhetoric sucks.

      • Quote:

        Most definitely not impossible. Religious rhetoric sucks.


        אני לא יודע
        הנאום של האמנות שלה
        של נאום
        לבד הכל
        הוא אפשרי

      • Talmudic common law stands upon the יסוד of precedents. Nefesh, linked to the Divine Name יה, dedicated on the Chag of P’sach. Ruach, linked to the Divine Name האל, dedicated on Chag Shevuoth. Neshamah, linked to the Divine Name אל, dedicated on the Yom Tov Rosh HaShannah. Chiayah, linked to the Divine Name אלהים, dedicated on Yom Kippor. Yechiddah, linked to the Divine Name אל שדי, dedicated on Chag Sukkot. Nefesh kalli, linked to the Divine Name איש האלהים, dedicated on Shemini Atzeret. Shalom, learned from korban shalom in the Book of ויקרא. The name of Shabbot.

        My Rav taught me this kabbalah. Rav Aaron Nemuraskii learned his kabbalah masoret from Yosef Shalom Elyashiv the posek of the generation for Ashkenazi Jewry.

      • צִיטָטָה:
        המשפט המקובל התלמודי עומד על יסוד התקדימים. נפש, הקשור לשם האלוקי יה, מוקדש לחג הפסח. רוח, הקשורה בשם האלוהי האל, מוקדש לחג השבועות. נשמה, הקשורה בשם האלוהי אל, מקודשת ביום טוב ראש השנה. חיה, הקשורה בשם האלוהי אלהים, המוקדשת ביום כיפור. יהודיה הקשורה לשם האלוהי אל שדי, המוקדשת לחג סוכות. נפש קלי הקשור בשם האלוהי איש האלהים, מוקדש לשמיני עצרת. שלום למד מקורבן שלום בספר ויקרא. השם שבת.

        הרב שלי לימד אותי את הקבלה הזו. הרב אהרון נמורסקי למד את קבלת מסורת אצל יוסף שלום אלישיב, פוסק הדור ליהדות אשכנז.


        מאז הילדות שלי
        אני מציית לחוק

      • The Chofetz Chaim wrote in his introduction to Hilchot Shabbot that if a person does not study the halachah of Shabbot observance … without a question or doubt that person violated the Commandment to keep shabbot.

      • ציטוט
        החפץ חיים כתב בהקדמתו להלכות שבת שאם אדם אינו לומד את הלכת שמירת השבת… ללא ספק או ספק עבר אותו אדם על מצוות שמירת שבת.


        אני אדם חוטא
        אני נושא בעול החטאים שלי

      • Paul placed this „your a sinner“ narishkeit.

      • ציטוט:
        פול הניח את זה „חוטא אתה“ narishkeit.


        אני מכיר את שלי
        הצד האפל עצמו

      • The mitzva of Kre’a shma בכל לבבך\כם teaches the Yatzir Tov and Rah inclinations. Based upon the Torah precedent of Adam eating from the Tree of Good and Evil.

      • צִיטָטָה:

        מצוות קריאת שמע בלב שלם / אמא מלמדת את נטיות היצר הטוב ור“ה. מבוסס על תקדים תורני של אדם של אכילה מעץ טוב ורע.


        על הרוע שלי
        צריך להיות העסק שלי בלבד

        מעץ החיים
        לא אוכל את פירותיו

      • Evil impacts others. We do not live socially isolated from our people. If a person assimilates and embraces the cultures and customs of Goyim, this avodah zarah brings a curse upon the entire nation of our People.

      • ציטוט:

        הרוע משפיע על אחרים. אנחנו לא חיים מבודדים חברתית מהעם שלנו. אם אדם מתבולל ומאמץ את התרבויות והמנהגים של גויים, עבודה זו מביאה קללה על כל העם של עמנו.


        כל האנשים
        הם בעלי כבוד אנושי בלתי ניתן לחלוקה

      • That sounds like a nice platitude. But if a person sits in a boat filled with other people. And that person drills a hole in the boat, saying that he only drills the hole under his own seat …

      • ציטוט:
        זה נשמע כמו פלצנות נחמדה. אבל אם אדם יושב בסירה מלאה באנשים אחרים. והאדם הזה קודח חור בסירה, אומר שהוא קודח רק את החור מתחת למושב שלו…


        אני מה שאני
        בין אחרים

      • only a famous משל. the נמשל teaches, our actions both good and evil affect the lives of others.

      • ציטוט:

        רק משל מפורסם. הנמשל מלמד, אנחנו הטובים והרעים מעשיים על חייהם של אחרים.


        אני מנסה
        טוב יותר

      • 2000+ years of g’lut, Jews did not attempt what you suggest? Of course they did. But they also assimilated to the cultures and customs of avodah zarah.

      • זיתאט
        2000+ שנות ג’לוט, יהודים לא ניסו את מה שאתה מציע? כמובן שעשו זאת. אבל הם גם נטמעו בתרבויות ומנהגים של עבודת זרה.


        יש לי
        אף אחד

      • You live among Goyim, surrounded by their culture, customs, manners and ways. Impossible for rain not to soak through the soil. Adam came from the adama.

      • ציטוט:
        אתה חי בין גויים, מוקף בתרבות, מנהגים, נימוסים ודרכיהם. בלתי אפשרי שגשם לא יספוג את האדמה. אדם בא מהאדמה.


        הם עצמנו
        אם כי שונה
        אבל כולם
        אותו דבר

      • The Torah defines g’lut as a curse. Life and death … therefore choose life… Moshe the prophet on the last day he lived on this Earth.

      • ציטוט:
        התורה מגדירה את הגלוט כקללה. חיים ומוות… לכן בחר בחיים… משה הנביא ביום האחרון שהוא חי על כדור הארץ הזה.



        כל הגברים האלה
        לעולם לא

      • Yet you ציטוט the language of Original sin Pauline narishkeit.

      • ציטוט:
        ובכל זאת אתה ציטוט את שפת החטא הקדמון פאולין נרישקייט.


        אני עומדת
        עם הרגליים שלי

      • Our ancestors did assimilation throughout our history as a people.

      • ציטוט:
        אבותינו עשו התבוללות לאורך ההיסטוריה שלנו כעם.


        נמצאים בזכרונות
        בשום דבר

      • Do you have any children?

      • ציטוט:

        האם יש לך ילדים?

      • These Divine Names, tefillah a matter of the heart. The lips pronounce Adonai in tefillah. Depending on the day of the week, affixed to the 7 Divine Names mentioned above. A person dedicates the face of his soul dedicated on a specific yom tov to a specific day of the week throughout the year.

      • ציטוט:

        שמות אלוהיים אלו הם ענייני תפילה בלב. השפתיים מבטאות את האדון בתפילה. מודבק ל-7 השמות האלוהיים לעיל בהתאם ליום בשבוע. אדם מקדיש את נפשו ליום טוב הספציפי ליום מסוים בשבוע במשך כל השנה.


        כל האלים צמחו מהנשמה

      • The 2nd commandment of Sinai … do not worship other Gods. Monotheism violates the 2nd Commandment.

      • ציטוט: הדיבר השני של סיני … אל תעבדו אלוהים אחרים. המונות איזם מפר את הדיבר השני.


        אני משרת

      • You have yet to define from the Torah how you understand nefesh.

      • ציטוט:

        הוא עדיין לא הגדיר מהתורה איך להבין נשמה.



      • Cool, have not suggested otherwise. If i did … would suggest you leave g’lut ie the cultures and customs of Goyim, and make aliyah to Israel.

      • ציטוט:

        מגניב, לא הצעתי שום דבר אחר. אם כן…הייתי מציע לך לעזוב את ההצפה, כלומר את התרבויות והמנהגים של הגויים, ולעלות לארץ.



        אני איש זקן
        אני חייב לחזור בקרוב
        מתחת לכדור הארץ

      • The Talmud teaches that only in the oath sworn lands can a man do mitzvot לשמה.

      • ציטוט: התלמוד מלמד שרק בארצות השבעות יכול אדם לעשות מצוות


        אני לא נשבע שבועה

      • Ahhhh here we finally get to the point of „soul“. Avram had no children. At the brit cut between the pieces HaShem swore an oath to Avram that his chosen Cohen seed would never become extinct. Yet Avram had no children!!! Therefore that oath applies to Avram’s children born into the future generations. Hence the „soul“ of Avram … his future born seed.

      • ציטוט:
        אהההה הנה סוף סוף הגענו לנקודה של „נשמה“. לאברם לא היו ילדים. בחתך ברית בין החלקים נשבע השם לאברהם שזרע כהן הנבחר לא ייכחד לעולם. אבל לאברם לא היו ילדים!!! לכן שבועה זו חלה על ילדיו של אברם שנולדו לדורות הבאים. מכאן „נשמתו“ של אברם… זרעו שנולד בעתיד.


        הם מהאמא שלהם
        הביא לעולם

      • The Tzeddukim denied O’lam Ha’bah. The Torah learns O’lam Ha’bah from the brit cut between the pieces. The soul of a man … his children or students to whom he taught Torah unto

      • ציטוט:
        הצדוקים הכחישו את עולם הבה. התורה לומדת את עולם הבה מהברית החתוכה בין החתיכות. נשמתו של אדם… ילדיו או תלמידיו להם לימד תורה


        אני לא מכחיש אף אחד
        כִּתבֵי הַקוֹדֶשׁ
        אני מציית

      • Do you? The Torah commands a negative commandment not to do work on shabbot. How do you define the k’vanna of that negative commandment?

      • ציטוט:
        האם אתה? התורה מצווה ציווי שלילי לא לעשות מלאכה בשבת. איך אתה מגדיר את הקוואנה של הציווי השלילי הזה?


        אני מנסה
        אותי לחובה
        טוב יותר

      • So how do you understand „do no work on shabbot“?

      • ציטוט:
        אז איך מבינים „לא עובדים בשבת“?


        אני עובד
        יום ולילה

      • Specifically this learns from the first Mishna of גיטין

      • ציטוט:

        ספציפית זה לומד מהמשנה הראשונה של גיטין

      • צדק צדק תרדוף has no elite status or application.

      • צִיטָטָה:

        לצדק לצדק נרדף אין מעמד או בקשה מובחרת.

        ההנחה החרדית
        לאכוף את מה שהם מבינים בחוק

      • Ultra orthodox do not run the Jewish state … not by a long shot. So no צדק צדק תרדוף has nothing what so ever to do with anything touching religious fundamentalism.

      • צִיטָטָה:

        Ultra orthodox do not run the Jewish state … not by a long shot. So no צדק צדק תרדוף has nothing what so ever to do with anything touching religious fundamentalism.


        צדק הוא למי שמתנשא מעלינו האנשים הפשוטים.

      • Not at all … the בית דין of Orthodox courts, does not follow the Talmud at all. Yes those Torts courts are lateral courts, as opposed to the בית משפט vertical courtrooms. But the 3 judges of the בית דין, they do not take the role of Prosecutor and Defense judges who argue the current case before the Court permitting the head of that court to judge the Case as the Talmud requires.

      • Quote:

        Not at all … the בית דין of Orthodox courts, does not follow the Talmud at all. Yes those Torts courts are lateral courts, as opposed to the בית משפט vertical courtrooms. But the 3 judges of the בית דין, they do not take the role of Prosecutor and Defense judges who argue the current case before the Court permitting the head of that court to judge the Case as the Talmud requires.


        החזק אותה
        מדי יום בלילה
        כל בן אנוש

        הנשמה היא החוק
        עוד לפני שזה קורה
        אחד קבוע
        „כִּתבֵי הַקוֹדֶשׁ“
        בידיים אנושיות
        באמת נתן

      • „הנשמה היא החוק“ A חוק has no clear meaning. It requires, like for example the ashes of the red heifer, a lot of research to understand its k’vanna.

        What does k’vanna mean from Torah source definitions.

      • Quote:

        „הנשמה היא החוק“ A חוק has no clear meaning. It requires, like for example the ashes of the red heifer, a lot of research to understand its k’vanna.

        What does k’vanna mean from Torah source definitions.


        כתבי הקודש
        הכל לטובה
        מעל הכל
        נשגב ועוצמתי
        הם מצביעים באצבע התורה
        הם קוראים חוק וחובות עבור העם

      • Talmud – common law. If ya don’t know how common law works … reading the words even 1000 times accomplishes nothing.

      • Quote:

        Talmud – common law. If ya don’t know how common law works … reading the words even 1000 times accomplishes nothing.


        של בית משפט
        הוא תמיד אותו הדבר

        בית משפט יכול להכריע רק בדברים מהותיים
        על חוק מעשה ידי אדם

        נשמה ורוח
        בלתי מושפע מכך

      • על חוק מעשה ידי אדם

        This Xtian narishkeit. Jews wrote all the Books of the T’NaCH. No such none sense as Word of God vs Word of Man.

      • Quote:

        על חוק מעשה ידי אדם

        This Xtian narishkeit. Jews wrote all the Books of the T’NaCH. No such none sense as Word of God vs Word of Man.


        מי את המילה
        האל שלו
        האדם הזה יכול
        עם הדם שלו

        מי בלבד
        אין לו אף אחד
        למסור עדות

      • A person who profanes shabbot – not fit to give evidence before a Torah courtroom.

      • ציטוט:
        מחלל שבת – אינו ראוי למסור עדות בפני בית דין תורני.


        אני לא שופט אנשים אחרים

        אני עומדת
        מתחת לבית המשפט

      • בית המשפט הנפש? I am sorry but the only thing that qualifies under this Heading that i personally have learned … דין כרת

      • ציטוט:
        המנה הנפשית? אני מצטער, אבל הדבר היחיד שמתאים תחת התואר הזה למדתי באופן אישי… דין כרתים


        מה שלמדתי צריך גבר אחר
        לא על העור שלו

      • The Talmud teaches – your yourself a Rav.

      • ציטוט:

        התלמוד מלמד – אתה עצמך רב.


        אני אדם פשוט

      • A simple man … all bnai brit qualify as this.

      • ציון

        אדם פשוט… כל בעלות הברית זכאיות לכך.


        אני לא טוען שום טענות

      • No. On several of our communications, it seems to me that you live an assimilated life in g’lut.

      • ציטוט:
        לא. בכמה מהתקשורת שלנו, נראה לי שאתה חי חיים מתבוללים בגלות.


        אני יכול
        שיקול הדעת שלה
        לא יודע

        מה שאני רוצה להבין
        הוא מה שאני
        יש לומר
        במצפון שלי

      • All men follow their conscious. But red ants do not permit any other species of ant to enter their colony. Assimilation to people who never accepted the Torah revelation of Sinai … it compares to red ants permitting black ants to steal their eggs.

      • ציטוט:
        כל האנשים עוקבים אחר התודעה שלהם. עם זאת, נמלים אדומות אינן מאפשרות לשום מיני נמלים אחר להיכנס למושבה שלהן. התבוללות לאנשים שמעולם לא קיבלו את גילוי התורה מסיני… זה שווה ערך לנמלים אדומות שמאפשרות לנמלים שחורות לגנוב את הביצים שלהן.


        את ההתגלות

      • Cool more power to ya. But Goyim they too dream dreams. Perhaps the most famous dream … expressed by Martin Luther King — I have a dream speech.

      • ציטוט:

        מגניב עוד כוח לך. אבל גויים גם הם חולמים חלומות. אולי החלום המפורסם ביותר… שהביע מרטין לותר קינג – יש לי נאום חלום.


        אינני נביא
        אין לי חלומות
        עבור אנשים אחרים
        כל בן אנוש
        לתובנה שלו
        החלום שלו עצמו

        אני לא צריך להתגבר על שום דבר
        אני רוצה חיים
        לחיות בענווה

      • The Torah defines the term „prophet/prophesy“ as mussar. The whole of Midrash and Talmudic Aggaditah makes a study of T’NaCH mussar and affixes this prophetic commandment of mussar unto halachot.

      • ציטוט:

        התורה מגדירה את המונח „נביא/נביא“ כמוסר. כל המדרש והאגדת התלמוד עוסקים בלימוד תנ“ח מוסר ומצמידים מצוות מוסר נבואית זו להלכות.


        יש לי
        שום דבר

      • Why so fixated upon yourself alone. Mussar applies equally to all generations of bnai brit. This makes prophesy prophesy…. meaning Mussar applies to all generations of bnai brit … including myself and you

      • ציטוט:

        למה כל כך מקובע בעצמך לבד. מוסר חל באופן שווה על כל הדורות של בני ברית. זה גורם לנבואה להתנבא… כלומר מוסר חל על כל הדורות של בני ברית… כולל אני ואתה


        אחראי עצמי

      • Yes Moshe taught this mussar … By the strength of my sword have I conquered this land … no difference. LOL

      • ציטוט:

        כן משה לימד את המוסר הזה… בכוח חרבי כבשתי את הארץ הזאת… אין הבדל. לצחוק בקול רם


        אני מוביל
        אין חרב
        הלשון שלי

      • The Wilderness generation thought just as you do. LOL

      • ציטוט:

        דור המדבר חשב בדיוק כמוך. לצחוק בקול רם


        החשיבה שלי

      • לשון הרע requires like shabbot observance an education on both subjects. Torah faith not a feel good religion. As stated previously the Torah stands upon the יסוד of צדק צדק תרדוף

      • ציטוט:
        לשון הרע, כמו שמירת שבת, מצריך השכלה בשני המקצועות. האמונה בתורה, לא בדת, מרגישה טוב. כפי שכבר הוזכר, התורה עומדת על יסוד הצדק ומבקשים את הצדק


        אני עומדת
        עם שניהם
        עם הרגליים שלי
        על אמא אדמה

      • In Yiddish: putz in the boots/dick in the boots. This metaphor applies just as much if not more so to the Biden Administration. Vietnam a conflict of jungle warfare. US military bases quite often the enemy used the jungle to conceal their forces from the imperialist enemy observations. The US responded with the tactic of placing a 500 gallon barrel of jet fuel, wrapped with a mile or so of barbed wire around the barrel. They then placed this improvised anti-personnel land mine into the jungle and in a clever manner the US soldiers would cut a targeted set of branches and shrubs of the jungle undergrowth such that through this ploy, Vietcong soldiers would unknowingly become channeled into the killing zone of the 500 gallon land mine. The US soldiers would likewise zone in their artillery and machine gun fire unto this targeted channelization of Vietcong. And when the attack against a US military base occurred … the Officer would give the order to explode the land mine which produced lots and loads of ”crispy critters”.

        Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and the Ukraine border 3 sides of Belarus. It seems to me, that the Russian military in this current “dead fire” military training exercise, it seeks to “channel” Nato forces, if and should they attempt an invasion of ‘mother Russia’, to place their modified “Schlieffen Plan” within the countries of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. And not invade ‘mother Russia’ through a Ukrainian double envelopment of Belarus and the lands beyond on the road to Moscow.

        The invasion of ‘mother Russia’ would take a lot of cards from the trench warfare WWI playbook, due to the immense “Pacific Japanese war” size of the Russian land mass. The key to victory in such a war, to dig well fortified trenches which would encircle and enclose key or strategic Russian cities, turned into prisoner of war camps; with the purpose of A) To kill the will of the enemy to continue the fight against the Nato military ground forces by supplying the isolated and surrounded by trenches city POW “camps” with both food and medical supplies. To “kill the enemy with kindness” psyche operation. B) To thereby counter the “scorched earth” strategy which Russian military tactics would, without question employ. C) To protect and maintain the vital military supply lines absolutely necessary to conduct a successful military invasion of Russia.

      • אַכְזָרִיוּת
        עם ה
        לשון הרע

        כבוד האדם הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה
        עם כפות רגליים
        כדי לבעוט

        עד היום

        לאף אחד אין
        של גברים רבי עוצמה

        שאין להם מצפון רע על זה

        לפני השלם
        רק התובנה

        של צדק
        דרך הניצחון
        על הרעים

        האויב המתאים
        מתחת לכדור הארץ
        השטן עצמו
        לגרש לנצח

      • Julius Wellhausen, a German protestant Higher Criticism proponent of the late 19th Century

        The development of biblical texts over time correlates with broad changes in religious thinking.
        While the prophets lived long after Moses, the prophetic literature of the literary prophets, such as Amos, Hosea, Micah and Isaiah, are more ancient than much of the Torah.
        The cultic laws of the Priestly (P) text—the Tabernacle passages in Exodus, the entire book of Leviticus, and the legal sections in Numbers—are post-exilic.

        This German foreigner (outsider) he held that the Book of ויקרא – as legalistic and lacking in spirit\Geist/. He held that the T’NaCH required historical context in order to understand it. The only problem with this utterly absurd deduction,,, the T’NaCH commands mussar, it does not teach history … any more than the Russian fiction novel „War and Peace“ gives a history of the invasion of Russia by Napoleon.

        Conservative Judaism „scholars“ like Richard Elliot Friedman, German Protestant Higher Criticism exposes their complete and total ignorance on how to study and learn T’NaCH and Talmudic Primary Sources. These assimilated Jewish „scholars“ compare to clowns at a rodeo. Hebrew University during the Mandate period likewise produced moronic scholarship.

        Yehezkel Kaufmann serves as a classic example. Authors of this type, their abysmal failure centers upon their inability to grasp the horrific schisms which have destroyed classic Judaism after the sealing of the Sha’s Bavli in about 450 CE. From Karaitism, the Rambam abomination, thereafter unto the present. He fails to grasp that Monotheism flagrantly violates the 2nd Commandment of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.

        The bankruptcy of this balloon like „scholarship“, it total inability to grasp how the משנה תורה\ספר דברים commands mussar as the guiding precedent on how to learn and understand the k’vanna of the opening first 4 Books of the Written Torah common law. The most glaring flaw among these assimilated „scholars“, like the German Higher Criticism „scholars“ which they so much admire, none of these scholastic morons understood the primacy of learning the Torah לשמה — the first Commandment of Sinai.

        Wellhausen’s ilk generation divorced the T’NaCH from the later Talmud and Midrashic literature. An utterly moronic and completely asinine error. The sheer arrogance which ignored the framers of the Torah faith, the rabbinic leadership who produced Talmud and Midrash, exposes the clear brain dead stupidity of these despicable Goyim. Small wonder that Nazism sprang from the foundations of German Higher Criticism.

      • טקסט
        מאיזה כתב יד
        בכל מקרה
        אינה מונעת
        את הזוועות
        מה שנקרא גבורים צדיקים
        עד ש
        הימים הנוכחיים

      • Does prove the hypocricy and totally agenda oriented learning of the abomination known as religious belief in this or that theology.

      • אין לי מה להוכיח
        אני לא אדם רוחני
        עם שליחות של כוח ובחירה
        לא פילוסוף
        ולא תאולוג
        ולא פוליטיקאי

      • The Written Torah … the Constitution of the Jewish Republic of States known as Israel. The purpose of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai … to rule the oath sworn lands, as opposed to g’lut, with justice.

      • בן אדם
        צדק מקים ומטיף
        אינו חייב לעסוק בכבוד האדם הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה

      • Vertical courtrooms do not produce justice.

      • אופקי

      • Vertical courtrooms the Judge Prosecuting Attorney and Police all receive their salary from the State. A Lateral courtroom the judges do not receive a Salary from the State. In a Torts court which judges physical damages, 3 justices sit on the court. One judge assumes the role of Prosecuting Attorney. The 2nd judge the role of Defense attorney. These two justices argue their perspective cases before the 3rd Judge. NONE of these justices receives any money from the State.

      • בית המשפט הפנימי
        לא מזהה את שניהם
        שופט עולמי ולא רוחני

        בית המשפט הפנימי
        אינו אנכי
        וגם לא אופקי

      • בית המשפט הפנימי ? Do not know what that is. The Torah established the lateral Sanhedrin courts.

      • בית המשפט הפנימי
        אינך חייב לדעת
        כל אדם חייב לציית לחוקי הנשמה

      • You have not defined הנשמה from the Torah. Hence your language לחוקי הנשמה just as well means: !@#$%^

      • הם עלולים
        מה שאני יודע להגיד
        שמח בשבילך
        מתאים לך

      • If you lack understanding better to remain quiet than remove all doubt.

      • אתה לא צריך להורות לי לשתוק.

      • Better to remain silent hardly qualifies as a command.

      • אני שומע פקודות שוב ושוב, פקודות חדשות, שום דבר אחר

      • A Torah commandment requires understanding of the depth of the commandment. Your superficial reactionary 2 dimensional thinking lacks depth.

      • אני לא צריך מחשבות עמוקות
        מצוות ואיסורים,
        להעיף ולהפוך

      • עוד פעם פשטה. Of course deep ideas and thoughts — totally alien to you. 🙂

      • מה שזר לי נשאר זר לי.

      • בין שנינו לילה חשוך.

      • Ya speak for yourself alone. Am fully aware of „New Age“ assimilation ideas which you promote and believe in.

      • מה אתם מודעים אליו או לא
        אני לא צריך לחלוק את אמונותיהם איתך

      • You possess real humor. LOL

      • אולי תאהב את זה
        או שלא

      • Ya make me laugh. 🙂

      • אני לא הליצן שלך

      • כראות עיניהם

      • How could new testament believing Goyim who accept the Pauline doctrine that Torah law does not apply to them … it amazes me that Goyim fail to learn the Torah as a defined common law legal format??!!!  Paul plays a critical role in the formation of the new testament mythologies.  Yet church „scholars“ totally fail to differentiate between Common Law and Statute Law when they interpret the Hebrew T’NaCH.

        For Xtian theologians to validate the Pauline doctrine and afterwards totally ignore the Pauline doctrine … not a single Xtian scholar ever made a stab at understanding the Torah as a legal system of law.  Not a single Xtian scholar ever once discerned the distinction between Common Law as opposed to Statute Law, based upon the 613 commandments?!   This fundamental contradiction proves that the church fathers prioritized their post theological dogmatism over and above even the Noise – new testament – texts themselves.  Proof that the early fathers of the church did not treat the Noise – new testament – with anything that remotely resembles respect.

      • הכבוד
        זה של צדיקים
        כותב בספר החיים

        על האחרים המרושעים
        אז אחרי שלו
        הבנה של צדק

        אין אם ובאלים

        כלומר עצמו
        על כבוד האדם הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה
        על כל דבר
        וכל אחד נשגב

      • נשגב… meaning ya baffle the moron public with bull shit.

      • אתה יכול להגיד לי מה אתה אוהב

      • Learning Torah based upon the precedents of the משנה תורה

      • בכל מקרה
        יש ל
        האיש הצדיק האציל
        תמיד המילה האחרונה שלו

      • Torah faith stands upon simplicity itself

        צדק צדק תרדוף

      • אתה יכול להאמין במה שאתה רוצה

      • Trust to continue to honor the oaths sworn by my fore fathers.

      • Trust to continue to honor the oaths sworn by my fore fathers.

      • So HaShem swore an oath to give the land to the chosen Cohonim descendants of the Avot. What oaths did the Avot swear back to HaShem? People in g’lut do not know.

      • אני לא צריך לדעת
        שנשבע איזה שבועה
        או שלא

      • The you can not cut an oath brit alliance with HaShem as did the Avot.

      • מי חייב להיכנע לשבועה
        האדם הזה לא רוצה להיות עצמאי
        לעמוד על שתי רגליו

      • The 6th chapter of Leviticus: ויקרא … ד:א – יב. The introduction of the כהן המשיח the Moshiach

        The concept of a “Sin” dedication compares to a woman going to the mikveh after counting 11 clear days without any menstrual blood clots. A more accurate translation for a korban חטא, a sacrifice for purification from tumah. What causes a Man – any man – even the king or messiah, to go off track in the tohor path which the Torah commands? Answer: Tumah spirits dominating within the heart of that Man.

        The mussar of a korban of purification from tumah clearly stands upon the יסוד of t’shuvah. To walk the tohor path before HaShem most essentially requires צנועה, often translated as “modesty”. The Torah here learns the attribute of צנועה as it applies to Men, and equally to Women. A woman counts her 11 days in צנועה. A woman during her “time”, she does not publicize to all Humanity that she has wears white underwear, and daily runs a test by inserting a cotton strip, to guarantee that she has had no emissions of blood. The middah of צנועה measures the success of the Yatzir Ha’Tov, its dominance over the Yatzir Ha’Rah within the hearts of all bnai brit Men and Women.

        Perhaps lust for sex serves as the best metaphor for the tumah spirits which course through the blood of bnai brit Torah Man. A lust for sex, these powerful desires and emotions, they impact the internal thoughts hidden within the heart. The language of the Torah which addresses the subject of a offering of purification from tumah, it employs a צנועה language. The struggle of all humanity centers around the sex drive within all of us.

        The essential struggle between the tohor and tumah Yatzirot, each has its time of the month in both Men and Women straight across the board. A man can almost dedicate the blessing unto HaShem, known as Birkat Hagomel, throughout his or her life. Just on this one fierce struggles alone, battled within the heart, the battle over all matters of ערוה\sexuality.

        All persons would do well to deeply consider this fundamental reality which defines our walk before HaShem, each and every day of our lives. The tumah דיוק made upon צנועה, most clearly exists through the desire for ערוה. Human beings breathe sexuality. The story of king David and Bathsheva teaches this strong mussar to all generations forever.

        צנועה\ערוה serve as the opposing book ends that contains the “book of life” library of all bnai brit societies and civilizations throughout eternity in time. The false notion of ירידות הדורות does not change this eternal struggle which defines the Soul of all generations of bnai brit, the chosen כהן המשיח nation, and our walk before HaShem. The Sages denounce masturbation, as possibly the best example of tumah ערוה, buried deep within the hearts of everyone of our people.

        Every dog has his or her day under the Sun. The books contained within the צנועה\ערוה book ends, most essentially they quietly tell an Aggadic story which depicts the character development of each and every one of us. King David ruled unchallenged, and then he chanced to behold Bathsheva! And this event changed the course of Jewish history.

        A korban Oleh and Shalom, both share common middot with the korban חטא and its וודוי dedication of t’shuvah before HaShem.
        A slightly removed precedent דברים ה:ו – טו. The worship of avodah zarah directly compares to the Yatzir of ערוה today. The mussar of this משנה תורה precedent compares Oral Torah middot to the commandment headlines as expressed through the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai. In similar fashion the distinction between different korban dedications likewise compares to Oral Torah middot.

        An even more removed precedent ו: י – יט. The shallow reactionary tumah Yatzir within us, has no time to compare the present situations with similar past situations. Just as the News organizations across the world publish their noise propaganda. Good trees had to die to spread shallow reactionary nonsense rhetoric which promotes a particular Government’s skewed perspective, designed to shape how the common man perceives world events.

        A bit closer but still not precise precedent טו: א – יא. The mitzva of shemitah, it fundamentally, so to speak, “racially segregated” our behavior toward bnai brit allies, as opposed to foreign non Jews. This mitzva compares to shabbot, both share a common middah of הבדלה. In similar vein, the Yom Tov chaggagim, they too stand separate and apart from festivals celebrated by Goyim.

        A slightly distant precedent כג: ב – ז. Tumah personalities which have a permanent stain upon their souls. The mussar commands – avoid their company. A precise precedent כג: כב – כד: יג. The mussar hear opens to what seems to me the mitzva of writing a sefer Torah through a designated sofer. This latter mitzvah compares to making a vow. Remarriage of a divorced wife who married another man, compares to harvesting the crops of another man’s field. Such behavior pollutes the soul, on par with Midian hiring Bil’am to curse Israel.

        Perhaps the most essential mussar learned from coming out of Egyptian slavery, the obligations which our forefathers cut an oath brit to respect the dignity of our people, irregardless of their station and status in this world. The tumah Yatzir arouses a דבר ערוה, it views poor folk, for example, as beneath the status of your honor.

        A precise mussar learned from ישעיה, the precedent ג: יג – ד: ו.

      • הגבר צריך ללמוד
        שאשת כבוד האדם הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה היא היא עצמה
        בלי האישה
        אין בן אדם

      • Some folk never marry. A lot more never successfully marry.

      • היום אתה יכול להתחתן אם אתה רוצה.

      • A bnai brit man, if he has „faith“, has a Torah obligation to produce children.

      • יְלָדִים
        לאחד אין
        הם נולדים דרך האם
        לתוך העולם הזה

      • Do not know what you just wrote? All women give birth the same exact way.

      • אני לא אישה
        לא ילדתי ​​ילד.

      • Women have no Torah obligation to have children … Men do.

      • החיים רוצים להעביר חיים
        האם הגדולה
        מכל האנשים עד היום

        גברים מתכוונים לעצמם
        עם תרומת הזרע
        על החיים
        בתור יוצר
        כוח מן העולם האחר
        רשום בכתובים
        בתור מיוחס
        על כבודה האנושי הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה של נשים
        כפי שרצה האל
        נבחר ונעלה מעל כל היצורים החיים

      • האם הגדולה has no portion in the Torah faith. The bnai brit people we have an oath brit alliance with HaShem alone. We have no oath brit alliance with mother earth.

      • אנחנו כולם
        אמא משל עצמו
        אמא שלי
        יש ל
        בתור הילד שלה
        לעולם לא שבועת אמונים
        שאני הבן שלה

      • The oath brit faith cut with HaShem shares nothing in common with your metaphor of a woman being the mother of her child.

      • השבועה שלך על כל שם אשר יהיה.

      • Narishkeit. The Name revealed in the 1st Commandment of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.

      • עידו
        השיפוט שלי
        על עצמי

      • גם חשוך וגם קר

      • Both part of nature

      • אני הטבע בטבע

      • I am that I am, sounds just like Popeye. LOL

      • מי אתה באמת בתור בן אדם
        זה עניינך

      • All man kind walks a path of life. פשטה. When do you plan to communicate an original idea?

      • אין לי מה להעביר

      • Yes this was quite obvious from the start.

      • זה מה שאני חושב

      • barring problems which require surgery.

      • כמה נשים מתו בלידה.

      • סביב אמא אדמה

      • Mother Earth occupied by Goyim. As a totally assimilated person you cannot discern the Jewish homeland from all other countries.

      • כל בן אדם נמצא בכבוד האדם הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה
        מי שחושב את ההבחנה שלו
        עם הנכס
        שם את עצמו מעל האחרים
        בהתאם לתכנית אלוהית
        האחרים גינו כדבר אבסורד
        יש לו מהמציאות
        גם אם הוא מייצג זאת בשכנוע מלא מול כל העולם
        אין לו מושג לגבי מציאות החיים, ממש לא

      • The 8th chapter of Leviticus: ד: כב – כו. The conclusion of the 5th Aliya to Parshat ויקרא

        This chapter specifically commands the korban of purification of Moshiach to the leaders of the nation.  The korban of purification began with the subject of נפש כי תחטא, then address this subject to כל עדת ישראל.  Followed by the next פרק which applies the korban of purification to נפש אחת תחטא.  The korban of purification, which this commentary refers to, as the korban Moshiach, this mussar clearly applies to all bnai brit folk who comprise the „Jewish nation“, in all generations, which our People live and walk before HaShem.

        This, the opening Parsha of ויקרא, it rejects the notion of Moshiach as a one shot affair as depicted by the new testament abomination.  The counterfeit Roman\Greek theology of Father, Son, Holy Spirit Trinity represents a Second Temple period fraud, foisted by Goyim as representing the original intent of the Torah.   Goyim, they know absolutely nothing concerning the dedication of Avodat HaShem, which the Written Torah commands; the threat of כרת decreed upon all who attempt avodat HaShem who breath tumah spirits.  No avodat HaShem can occur without breathing tohor spirits.  The „holy spirit“ avodah zarah perversion preached by that debased „sister religion“ – never not even once – addresses this critical issue.   

        This commentary offers the tumah din of כרת, as evidence that Goyim of both „sister  religions“ (of avodah zarah), that the followers of both forms of „strange worship“, the protagonists Goyim of both religions, who make the claim that they worship the tohor God of Israel, that their membership followers, they all lack „fear of heaven“.  Therefore the believers of both counterfeit religions, they all worship foreign alien tumah Gods.  Cursed Gods which the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation of the Written Torah @ Sinai commands Israel not to worship.

        Why cursed Gods?  The prophet Moshe commands Life or Death, blessing or Curse.  As the violation of eating the fruit of the Tree of knowledge of Good and Evil brought death upon Humanity.  Based upon this Torah precedent, the worship of other Gods, likewise brings death unto Humanity.  The study of Torah commandments, they all learn by way of Torah precedents … Common Law.  The counterfeit religions of avodah zarah both of these foreign alien forgeries fail to learn the Common Law Way which the Torah commands. 

        Both reject this „Way“, and consequently both despise the Oral Torah logic system which systematically compares and learns mitzvot from other mitzvot.  Both tumah religions replace belief in theological declarations of faith with the Oral Torah logic system by which the latter emphatically compares mitzvot to other mitzvot as the Way to study and learn the Torah.  Both replacement theologies declare that either Jesus or Mohammad stand as „the Way“ to approach God.  Islam declares to a strict Monotheism adherance belief theology.   Irregardless that such an absurd notion violates the 2nd Commandment of the Sinai revelation.   Both tumah religions emphatically embraced the rediscovery of the ancient Greeks schools of philosophy which teach completely different logic formats, as expressed through the writings of Plato and Aristotle.

        Both tumah religions make strong efforts to negate and invalidate the existence of the Oral Torah logic sh’itta\method of learning the Written Torah Way that understands Written Torah commandments by and through comparison with other Torah commandments.  The logic formats of both Plato and Aristotle, neither made the study of Written Torah commandments the chief focus of their logic formats.  Oral Torah logic, as expressed to Common Law precedents, stands in stark contrast.  The Oral Torah sh’itta of logic serves only to attain a depth understanding of the תרי“ג commandments, like as the Gemarah of the Talmud, that it serves only to attain a depth understanding of the Mishnah common law Courtroom rulings which establish halachah.

        T’NaCH prophetic command mussar.  This basic and fundamental reality, Talmudic aggaditah likewise expresses and instructs .   If a person can do no more than simply regurgitate the printed words contained within those texts – what a disgrace.  Rote learning represents a style of education associated with small children whose mental capabilities have yet to mature and fully develop.  Parroting words from either the T’NaCH or Talmud, compares to the praise parents give their small children when they first learn how to read.  Adults who learn in similar fashion as do young children in pre-school, merit pity, derision, and contempt — pathetic morons.

        Weigh the mussar commanded by ישעיה in יא:ו — ונער קטן נהג בם.  The common law codification, as expressed through all the Books of the Prophets, learns a clause contained within a larger sugia in contexts with the subject matter addressed by the larger sugia.  Propaganda rhetoric, by sharp contrast employs a defined style; it divorces a specific from its larger contexts.   Propaganda rhetoric employs half-truths to deceive its „sheeple“ patsy, easily manipulated or victimized child-like victims.

        Common law does not rely on clauses taken out of context, like as defines the new testament avodah zarah.  A clause specific can however define the general contexts – intent.  The sugia of ישעיה which contains this specific clause: יא: א – ט.  The logic of Oral Torah common law employs a discipline of comparing a sugia with closely related precedent sugiot.  This commentary shall bring two precedent similar sugiot in ישעיה and another precedent similar sugia as located in the Books of first שמואל then followed by a precedent in the Book of מלכים.

        The first exact precedent ישעיה ח:טז – ט: ו.  The theologies preached by the tumah religions of avodah zarah, centers upon telling „children“ what they must believe.  These tumah religions do not concern themselves with justice and restitution of damages inflicted by the strong upon the weak.  If „children“ rebelled and refused to bark the Party Line, both religions murdered those heretic rebellious children.   Or they ostracized, and forced them to live as part of a ghetto-like inferior race subclass which – descent, acceptable society rightly abhorred.

        A second precedent witness from ישעיה, examine כז: יג – כח: טו.  The prophet condemns both Cohen and prophet for their failure to rule the land with justice, through the rhetorical metaphor of a table polluted by vomit; who lack fear of heaven and do avodat HaShem while in a condition of tumah.  The Torah commands the mussar of g’lut,  Aggaditah learns the k’vanna of the g’lut of Adam from the Garden, as the יסוד opposite „דיוק“, of life in the oath sworn lands.  The Torah does not teach, much less so – it does not command the perversion of the Original Sin guilt trip doctrine; whose theology attempts to justify the death and resurrection of JeZeus, as the savior from the curse from Original Sin, whose theology condemns all Humanity to death.  The hole in the balloon of this empty rhetoric propaganda: it fails to define from the Torah the meaning of the terms Life and Death.  

        All Humanity did not accept the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.  Therefore, even when prophets, Yonah for example did address Goyim, the mussar of their prophecy limits the priority scope of their address, to the chosen bnai brit Cohen nation.  That Goyim who reject the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai, yet for a short time repent when hearing a prophetic rebuke, like as happened when the rough Seas went still after casting Yonah off the ship, this mussar serves as a disgrace upon the Cohen nation, who does accept the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.   Our failure to do t’shuvah – based upon the mussar which the prophets command.

        Shall bring now the prophet Shmuel as a witness.  שמואל א י:יז – כב.  The prophet reminds Israel of the first and second commandments of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.  As the people rejected HaShem as their King, so too after the prophet anointed Shaul as king, HaShem would reject him and his house as king.  The later anointing of the house of David, teaches a completely different mussar as taught within this precedent sugia.

        Another precedent witness מלכים ב יא: ד – יב.  Many have filled the title and role of false messiah.  This closing witness precedent offered as conclusive proof that the Yatzir Ha’Rah arouses passions within all Humanity which worships not only avodah zarah but false messiahs as well.

        This introduction serves as the perspective by which to learn this the 8th chapter of the first Parshah of the Book of ויקרא.  Shall now examine this פרק of the Torah based upon the precedent mussar which the משנה תורה both interprets its k’vanna and commands the matter of the heart of the Moshiach anointing applicable to Klall Yisrael forever and to all generations.  ח,ט
        A slightly distant precedent דברים ז: יב – טז.    Torah blessing springs forth upon the chosen Cohen nation when we detest assimilation and despise assimilation to foreign cultures customs manners and ways.  Another slightly distant precedent יז: א – ז.  The opening p’suk rejects as an abomination the new testament attempt to compare the brutal torture of that false messiah imaginary man as a korban sacrifice which sanctifies the Name.  Worship of a tumah false messiah, declaration of any man as God, qualifies as a Capital Crime which merits the most severe form of Capital punishment – death by stoning.

        Why does death by stoning qualify as more severe than decapitation by sword?  Death by stoning mutilates the body.  Bodily mutilation, learns from the negative commandment against making tatoos upon the flesh.  Another precedent, the positive commandment to limit the number of lashes inflicted upon a רשע to a maximum of 40 lashes.  Bodily mutilation exposes a contempt for the person – the criminal – so punished.

        The exact precedent כב:ה – כג: ב.  The positive commandment to shoo away the mother from her eggs or chicks teaches the mussar that respect for the dignity of others, even applies to animals.  A person who falsely accuses his wife of having had tumah sexual relations with others receives both lashes, a large fine, and loses the power to ever divorce his wife when she challenges the divorce.  The multiple case precedents included center upon the protection and preservation of dignity of others.

        An exact precise precedent learned from the mussar instruction of the prophet יהושע .יט:נא – כ:ט.  Torah justice centers upon respecting and protecting the dignity of our People.  The extreme case, represented by the commitment to protect a person who flees from the blood avenger who killed a person through an accident.  By respecting the dignity of our People, this most essential criteria, it separates Jews ruling our homelands – from Jews enduring the trials of g’lut oppression and injustice.

        ישעיה א: כא – לא another mussar precedent which understands the k’vanna of the 8th chapter of ויקרא.  Avodah zarah prioritizes belief in the theology and dogmas of the Gods whom priests and other religious authorities demand that the people believe the Creeds determined by the elders of that religious abomination.   The Torah by sharp and distinct contrast prizes the solemn brit commitment by the judges – both Cohonim and prophets – to sanctify the oath brit commitment of dedication to respect the dignity of all the bnai brit people — irregardless of their social status within our civilization.

      • ציטוט:
        זה נפרד מההקשרים הגדולים שלו. רטוריקה תעמולה משתמשת בחצאי אמיתות כדי להונות את קורבנות ה“כבשים“ שלה, שעליהם ניתן לתמרן בקלות או לקורבן על ידי קורבנות כמו ילדים.
        המשפט המקובל אינו מסתמך על סעיפים שהוצאו מהקשרם, כפי שהצוואה החדשה מגדירה עבודה זרה. עם זאת, סעיף ספציפי יכול להגדיר את ההקשרים הכלליים – הכוונה. סוגיית ישעיהו המכילה את הסעיף הספציפי הזה: יא: 1 – 9. ההיגיון של המשפט המקובל בתורה שבעל פה נוקט דיסציפלינה של השוואה בין סוגיה לסוגיות תקדימיות הקשורות זו בזו. פירוש זה יביא שני סוגים של תקדים דומה בישעיהו ותקדים נוסף הדומה לסוגיה כפי שנמצאת בספרי שמואל א‘ ולאחר מכן תקדים בספר מלכים.
        התקדים המדויק הראשון ישעיהו ח‘ 16 – 9: 6. התיאולוגיות שמטיפות הדתות הטמאות של עבודה זרה, מתמקדות בלספר ל“ילדים“ במה עליהם להאמין. דתות טומאה אלו אינן עוסקות בצדק ובהשבת הנזקים שגרמו החזק לחלש. אם „ילדים“ מרדו וסירבו לנבוח על קו המפלגה, שתי הדתות רצחו את אותם ילדים כופרים סוררים. או שהם ויתרו, ואילצו אותם לחיות כחלק מתת-מעמד נחות דמוי גטו אשר – מוצא, חברה לא אהבה בצדק.
        להקדים שניים של ישעיהו, בחן כז: יג – כח: טו. הנביא מגנה הן את כהן והן את הנביא על כישלונם לשלוט בארץ בצדק, באמצעות המטאפורה הרטורית של שולחן מטונף ידע; חסר אלוהים ועושה עבודת השם בעודו במצב של טומאה. התורה מצווה על מוסר הגלות, האגדה שלה מלמדת על הכנת כדורים של איש מגן הילדים, כבסיס מול „דיוק“, של החיים בארצות השבעה. התורה אינה מלמדת, על אחת כמה וכמה – אינה מצווה על סטייה מתורת מסע החטא המקורי; שהתיאולוגיה שלו מבקשת להצדיק את מותו ותחייתו של ישוע, כמושיע מקללת החטא הקדמון, שהתיאולוגיה שלו דנה את כל האנושות למוות. חור הבלון של התעמולה הרטורית הריקה הזו: היא לא מצליחה להגדיר מהתורה את משמעות המושגים חיים ומוות.

        כל האנושות לא קיבלה את גילוי התורה @ סיני. לכן, גם כאשר נביאים, יונה למשל, אכן פנו לגויים, מוסר הנבואה שלהם מגביל את טווח העדיפות של פנייתם, לעם הנבחר של כהן הברית. אותם גויים שדוחים את גילוי התורה @ סיני, ובכל זאת לזמן קצר חוזרים בתשובה כששמעו תוכחה נבואית, כמו שקרה כשהים הסוער דומם לאחר השלכת יונה מהספינה, מוסר זה משמש חרפה. לעם כהן. , מי כן מקבל את גילוי התורה @ סיני. כישלוננו לחזור בתשובה – על בסיס המוסר שהנביאים מצווים.

        יביא עתה את שמואל הנביא כעד. שמואל א‘ 17-22. הנביא מזכיר לישראל את הדיבר הראשון והשני של גילוי התורה @ סיני. כשם שהעם דחה את אלוהים כמלך, כך גם לאחר שהנביא משח את שאול למלך, אלוהים ידחה אותו ואת ביתו כמלך. המשיחה המאוחרת של בית דוד, מלמדת מוסר אחר לגמרי כפי שנלמד במסגרת סוגיה תקדימית זו.

        אפילו למלכים התקדים ב‘:11:4-12. רבים מילאו את התואר והתפקיד של משיח השקר. תקדים למסקנה זו הוצע כהוכחה ניצחת לכך שעבודת ה‘ מעוררת רצונות בקרב האנושות כולה, אשר סוגדת לא רק לעבודה זרה אלא גם למשיחי שקר.

        מבוא זה משמש כנקודת המבט שלפיה ניתן ללמוד את פרק ח‘ בפרשה הראשונה של ספר ויקרא. עתה יבחן פרק זה בתורה על סמך המוסר התקדימי שהמשנה תורה גם מפרשת וגם מצווה על ענין הלבבות ממשחת המשיח מכלל ישראל לעולם לעולם ועד ולכל הדורות. H, T
        תקדים דברים קצת רחוקים 7: 12-16. ברכת התורה צומחת על העם הנבחר של כהן כאשר אנו בזים להתבוללות ובוזים להתבוללות בתרבויות זרות מנהגים ודרכי פעולה. עוד תקדים קצת יותר רחוק 17: א – ז. מאמר הפתיחה דוחה בתור תועבה את הניסיון של הרצון החדש להשוות את העינויים האכזריים של אותו אדם דמיוני למשיח שקר כמנחת קורבן המקדשת את השם. פולחן משיח השקר תומס, המכריז על כל אדם כאליל, נחשב לפשע מוות המזכה בדמות עונש המוות החמור ביותר – מוות סקילה.
        מדוע מוות בסקילה נחשב חמור יותר מעריפת ראש בחרב? מוות באבנים משבש את הגוף. מום פיזי, לומד מהציווי השלילי נגד קעקועים על הבשר. תקדים נוסף, הצו הפוזיטיבי להגביל את מספר המלקות המוטלות על הרשעים ל-40 מלקות לכל היותר. שחיתות פיזית חושפת זלזול באדם – העבריין – שנענש כך.
        העמוד המדויק

        יש לי הכרה
        איתו אני עושה את מעשי
        אם טוב או רע
        עבור עצמי
        חייבים לשפוט

        אני לא השופט
        על עוונותיהם של אחרים

      • פשטה אתה לא דיין LOL

      • אני לא שופט של אף אחד, הצודק, הזקוף.

      • A person who testifies about himself, … the Gemarah of כתובות teaches that such persons … never believed.

      • אני רוצה לדעת לא להאמין

      • opps commented incorrectly on an earlier declarations which you made. My mistake.

      • Righteousness does not apply to g’lut b/c in g’lut justice does not exist.

      • הצדק
        רק צדק

      • You choose death over life, a g’lut Jew.

      • המוות הוא העובדה האמיתית היחידה.

      • Narishkeit. Dead depends upon life.

      • המוות מסיים את החיים.

      • So you basically have said nothing.

      • כך
        רוצה להבין את זה

      • Do not know who היא represents. Most definitely היא does not refer to myself.

      • הנפש
        אין נשמה בשבילך
        זה לא הקטע שלי

      • בשבילי בדיאלוג הזה
        שום דבר בסדר

      • בסדר LOL HaHaHaHaHa

      • כמו שאתה אוהב את זה

      • שום דבר לא בטוח עבורי

      • שניהם עובדות ממשיות

      • אני מדבר כרצוני, מה שאני אומר לא בהכרח מתאים לך.

      • You speak as you please, based upon things we share nothing in common.

      • אני לא אח שלה
        אין לי שום דבר במשותף איתך

      • Exactly LOL HaHaHaHa. Your דקדוק, its a bit off. שלך לא שלה.

      • אני מדבר כרצוני
        גם אם התחביר שגוי

      • כמו שאתה רוצה

      • Ya see we do have things we can agree upon. LOL

      • אני לא רואה כלום, אתה ממשיך לכתוב לי.

      • HaHaHaHa LOL ya made me laugh again. Seriously ya ought to join a circus.

      • מה הקרקס הוא עבורך
        את הגירוש
        גן עדן

      • This comparison … it too quite funny. Ya ought to be a stand up comedian.

      • הפרשנות שלך
        האמונות שלך
        האמונה שלה
        למי העולם
        לציית כל אדם צריך להיכנע
        אין שום קשר לכבוד האדם הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה

      • Am an atheist praise G-d. LOL

      • זו תמיד שאלה
        איזה אלוהים משבח מישהו

      • Bunk צדק צדק תרדף

      • הצדק
        הדבר הנכון
        לעשות לבד
        של הנבחרים והצדיקים
        לא מתקדם יותר
        קצה האף
        את המיטה

      • What do you know about Jewish common law and lateral courtrooms? LOL your quite the comedian.

      • הימין
        לפי הרגל
        להתאמן לרוחב
        עם ה
        אין קומיקאי

      • Your inability to communicate ideas in a logical manner wherein you bring specific examples to support your crazy thesis HaHaHa its what makes you so charmingly funny. All ya need to do is paint a big red noise on your mug and the clown picture you would complete.

      • יש לי לא
        אף מילה להגן עליה

        ההיגיון שלך
        לגמרי רוצה רק את זה
        כפי שאתה רואה את כל העולם
        האליל שלה
        לשים מול האף שלי

      • avodah zarah sucks. something like shoving a puppies nose in its own manure. ewwwww

      • Its a dirty job, but someone has to house train those puppies.

      • Zum meinem Glück mögen mich die Hunde nicht.

      • Often like magnets like repulses like. LOL

      • Wenn Ihre Stube rein ist, dann geht es der ganzen Welt nochmals so gut.

      • Clean aint the same as tohor.

      • Sehr geehrter Herr Mosckerr,

        Ich wäre Ihnen sehr dankbar, wenn ich auf Ihre Beleidigungen, Ihnen nicht mehr Antwort geben müsste.

        Mit freundlichen Grüßen
        Hans Gamma

      • I wrote them as compliments. LOL

      • Bitte behalten Sie Ihren guten Willen für sich.

      • LOL Honestly you’d make for a great clown.

      • Wie Sie dem wollen.

      • Send in the clowns

      • Was die Ehrlichkeit betrifft, ich glaube Ihnen nichts.

      • Was Ihnen ist, das ist es mir nicht.

      • But of course, I am an Israeli and you it appears exist as an assimilated Jew who has no connection what so ever with the Jewish people, the culture and customs, practices and ways that distinguish the Jewish people from the Goyim culture and practices. LOL That’s one of the main reasons you cause me to laugh.

      • Im Innersten sind alle Menschen gleich.

      • Bunk. Racism covers the earth like the oceans cover the sands.

      • Den Rassenhass, (den meinen sich die Gerechten und die Guten), das Vergewaltigen, Kriege gegen Zivilisten führen, das Morden und Schlachten von unschuldigen Menschen, Behinderten, Frauen und Kindern, bis heute.

        Böses hegen nur die Feinde der absoluten Wahrheit im Schilde.

      • Noise. You just contradicted your pie in the sky rosy picture — presentation stated before. Face it po-po you live in g’lut and in g’lut justice does not exist.

      • Ich kann die Gerechtigkeit, die sie verteidigen, in der Wirklichkeit rund um den Globus, (die Erde ist keine Torte im Himmel, die Erde ist von Blut getränkt, an jedem Tag wie auch heute). Ich sehe Gerechtigkeit in Ihrem Sinne nicht. Der Widerspruch, ja, weil ich die absolute Wahrheit, in der Welt und anderen nicht wissen kann. Der Zweifel an Ihnen, ob Sie wirklich das Gute wollen. Ob ich wirklich auf dem richtigen Weg bin, mit meinem Menschenbild, mit meiner Weltanschauung. Der Zweifel bleibt bestehen. Ich glaube nicht daran, von dem was Sie mir vorwerfen, Gerechtigkeit nicht üben zu wollen. Dass Sie aber von sich behaupten, ein gerechter Rabbiner mir zu glauben vorstellen wollen, davon bin ich überzeugt. Ich bin und bleibe ein unvollkommener Mensch.

      • Dass Sie aber von sich behaupten, ein gerechter Rabbiner mir zu glauben vorstellen wollen, davon bin ich überzeugt. Ich bin und bleibe ein unvollkommener Mensch.

        No. Emphatically No. I am saying that if your Jewish and seek justice then you need to make aliyah to Israel.

      • Ich bin zu keinem Aufstieg, Hinaufgehen zum Vorlesen (Hören) der Thora, Wallfahrt, Pilgerfahrt nach Jerusalem, in übertragenem Sinn nach Israel einzuwandern, von irgendwelchen Menschen, auch nicht, mit dem von Ihrer Absolutheit, zum einzig wahren Glauben; zu irgend etwas einberufen worden.

        Ja, und nachdrücklich, ja. Ich sage ihnen, ich bin ein Mensch, es genügt, an dem Ort wo ich bin, das Bessere in eigener Verantwortung, der tägliche Versuch das Bessere, es zu tun.

        Ich muss nichts tun, was mir ein Dogma, was Sie mir befehlen, oder eine Heilige Schrift.

        Was Ihnen Gerechtigkeit ist, das nehme ich durch mein eigenes Gewissen, nur für mich selbst, Ihnen nicht ab.

      • Absolutely, your opinion fits perfectly with how I sized you up. A Non Jew has absolutely no reason what so ever to make aliyah to Israel. Goyim tourists to Israel – good for their money. LOL

      • Ich sage Ihnen, Ihre Behauptungen, was Sie mir meinen, das dürfen Sie für sich selbst behalten.

      • LOL can you dance on a wire and juggle 5 balls too? HaHaHaHaHa

      • Ich sage Ihnen, tanzen Sie mit Ihren Behauptungen, auf den Köpfen, auf denen Sie wollen.

      • HaHaHaHa you’re quite the comedian.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, ich habe genug, dergleichen Beschreibungen, wie Sie mich sehen und beurteilen, die Nase voll. Ich will mit Ihnen nicht weiter diskutieren.

      • Me too, we agree again. LOL Life in g’lut totally sucks for you.

      • As an atheist praise G-d, I do not promote rabbinic Judaism.

      • So viel ich verstanden habe, wollte man Sie auch nicht als Rabbiner vorgesetzt haben.

        Ihr Gott, sei Ihnen, ich zweifle an beiden.

      • My rabbinic peers in the Sanhedrin court rejected my objections to the Rambam code of statutory religious law.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, was Ihre Kollegen und warum Ihre Kollegen gegen Ihren Einwand, ihn als nicht richtig erachteten, machen Sie den Streit mit Ihren Kollegen aus.

      • Its history, water under the bridge. Like what do you know about rabbis. Might just as well discuss applied physics HaHaHaHaHa

      • Ich sage Ihnen, wo es Wasser hat, das sauber ist, darf ein jeder Mensch seinen Durst löschen. Ich sage Ihnen, ich will mit Ihnen keine Zwiesprache führen. Ich sage Ihnen, dass Sie selbst im Streit sind mit anderen Rabbiner. Ich sage Ihnen, Sie müssen mich nicht nach über mein Wissen von Rabbiner fragen, das wissen Sie zur genüge selbst.

      • HaHaHa now ya really made me laugh. You have knowledge of Judaism HaHaHaHa that’s really funny.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, Sie dürfen sich für weiss nicht was bekennen. Ich will kein Gespräch mit Ihnen führen.

      • Parshat צו has 6 1/3 chapters. The last chapter serves as the opening פרק of שמיני.  The opening פרק contains two סוגיות.

        The first sugia ו: א – ו; the 2nd סוגיה learns from ו: ז – יא.  The Torah returns upon the subjects addressed in the previous Parshah – the comparison between burnt and shalom dedications upon the altar.  The opening word of the Torah contains within its 6 letters אש ברית.  The Torah commands that the altar of HaShem should burn continuously.  What mussar does this Torah command the generations of bnai brit Israel?

        A slightly distant precedent דברים ה: יא.  Do not swear the Name of HaShem falsely.  All korbanot stand upon the יסוד of oaths.   Unlike the religions which worship their Gods of avodah zarah, the faith of the Torah stands upon the oaths which the Avot caused their chosen Cohen seed to inherit.  Goyim have no inheritance in the oath brit faith.  Avraham excluded Yishmael from this oath inheritance.  Yitzak excluded Esau from this oath inheritance.  Yaacov commanded his sons to bless our people.  Tefillah – the wisdom of blessing – shares no common ground with what the Goyim refer to as „prayer“.
        The wisdom of blessing arises, by means of the dedication of tohor middot unto HaShem — Torah blessings day and night different from Goyim prayers.  Goyim do not know how to learn the mussar of tohor middot, which the Torah commands all generations of Israel to keep and embrace.   The avodat HaShem as expressed through korbanot dedications absolutely requires it as the basic medium of faith tohor middot.   This standard the so-called ’sister religions‘ have replaced tohor middot with Creeds and Dogmas telling their „faithful“ what they must believe.

        Another distant precedent כד:א – ד.  The sacred nature of oaths learns from the mitzvah of קידושין.  This marriage mitzvah does not apply to Goyim.   The avodah zarah worship of Goyim faiths centers upon what a man personally believes.  Irregardless what a man personally feels against his ex-wife, that man has a Torah obligation, learned from the mitzvah of קידושין to return the nefesh O’lam Ha’bah soul of his ex-wife acquired through the mitzvah of קידושין.  This mitzvah in its turn learns from the precedent set at the sworn oaths cut at the brit between the pieces wherein Avram cut an eternal brit based upon his future born seed comparing to the stars in the heavens for multitude.
        G’lut disasters have throughout Jewish history threatened all Jewry with Shoah, comparable to the Nazi abomination.   Yet Hitler and his inferior sub-human apes rot, and Israel as a nation rules the oath sworn lands today.   Both of the so-called ‚daughter religions‘ compare to empty balloons; neither this nor that command much respect by the vast majority of secular Goyim.

        Another distant precedent כו: יב – טו.  The confession of the first born, our commitments to respect the dignity of the widow and orphans among our kin bnai brit Cohen people, most essentially defines the k’vanna of Chag Shevuoth.  On this the 10th day of the Omer, the struggle to remove all tumah avodah zarah from within our hearts, most essentially defined by respecting the dignity of the weak and poor among our People.   Investing our wealth among our family and the larger society of our People as a whole, defines the Torah concept of „strength“.

        Another slightly distant precedent: כז: ט – יד.   We as a People bear responsibility to guard the backs of our people.   Specifically we keep and observe mitzvot as a „sign“ that we embrace the yoke of ‚brothers‘ keepers‘.   A Yiddishkeit of ‚holier than thou‘ represents the abomination of Cain based upon jealousy murdering his brother.  The korban burnt offering stands upon the יסוד of blessings and curses our people inherit from our own people.   Who has not verbally denounced a bad driver on a street road or highway?

        The משנה תורה does not have a precise precedent by which to learn the mussar k’vanna of Moshe the prophet, and how this mussar defines the mitzvot of the korban Olah and korban Shalomim, together with the commandment that the fire of the altar for ever burn.   The kabbalah taught by the sages of Israel affixes the Book of ירמיה as the mussar יסודי which understands this Parshah.

        ירמיה יא: טו – יז instructs a precise mussar precedent to learn and understand the k’vanna of the opening sugia of Parshat צו.   When Israel worships avodah zarah, we curse our own people.  Moshe the prophet, his Torah commands life and death.  As the Shemone Esrei lacks שם ומלכות and therefore requires k’vanna to raise a praise unto the level of an oath.  Actions speak louder than words.   Tohor vs tumah actions/behavior of Jews to other Jews shapes and determines if the armies of Israel stomp upon the heads of our enemies in war or run like beaten dogs with our tails between our legs peeing as we flee from the wrath of the enemy.

        Another precise precedent of mussar: לז: ט – יא.  The discipline of learning precedents through tohor middot in order to understand and define the k’vanna of all the Torah commandments sums up the revelation of the Oral Torah @ Horev.   We Jews, our actions and behavior, how we conduct our internal domestic affairs with our own People — this behavior and conduct determines whether HaShem judges the Gods whom the Goyim worship and consequently brings victory upon the armies of Israel — as in the days of both Moshe and Yehoshuah; or that the armies of Israel suffer total defeat and our nation descends into g’lut.

        The religions of avodah zarah preach that Man should believe this Creed or that Dogma.  Torat Moshe commands Israel to remember how Par’o oppressed our enslaved people and not to follow that tumah behavior.   Belief in the Gods does not define avodah zarah; crushing the poor, weak, the orphan and widows among our people causes the curses of the Torah to rain down upon the generations of Israel as an eternal fire – the opposite of the eternal fire which the Torah commands the House of Aaron vis a vis the bronze altar.

        The second sugia of this פרק, this commentary shall now learn.  The eternal Cohen inheritance – the dedication of the Torah Way – to shine a fire of light unto this path – walk – or halachah.  יג – ב

        A precise משנה תורה precedent, דברים ב:ב – ח.   A strong tumah desire which dominates nations throughout history, the desire to establish an international empire.  The mussar of Torat Moshe teaches a negative commandment against this avodah zarah.  What defines the kingdom of the Hasmonean dynasty?   That kingdom made continuous wars of imperialism abroad, as does the United States today.   Israel exists as a tiny nation, while America stretches from Sea to Sea.   Yet both the kings of the Hasmonean dynasty and the Presidents of the United States continuously fight foreign wars of imperialism.

        Avodah zarah does not exist as merely the worship of idols.   Rather it worships power and wealth.  It prioritizes power and wealth over respecting the dignity of widows and orphans among the people of any given society.   Hence Goyim worship avodah zarah unto this very minute.   The flames of avodah zarah, they burn continuously until this very day.

        The Creeds and Dogmas taught by the tumah faiths, they know nothing about avodah zarah.   Therefore these false religions of death, they know nothing about avodat HaShem.   Both church & mosque confuse the empty ritualisms of belief Creed and Dogma for the substance of faith – respecting the honor and dignity of the bnai brit Cohen nation.   

        Both church and mosque compare to a man who leans upon a brittle reed, which breaks and pierces his side, wounding his liver, lungs, & heart.   Murder and oppression characterize the history of the peoples who worship this tumah avodah zarah.

        A slightly distant precedent ה: יב – טו.   The commandment to keep shalom among our people defines the mitzvah of Shabbot with its 3 rabbinic meals.   A man does not invite hated strangers to sup within his house together with his family and friends.  Shalom requires trust.   No commandment exists to trust an enemy.  Just the opposite, the Torah commands to hate and detest worshippers of avodah zarah Gods.   Lest Israel should assimilate and copy their tumah Ways and customs.

        A distant precedent: כג: ד – ז.  The Torah commands to remember the abominable treatment which the House of Lot treated Israel.   This commandment extends to the so-called ‚daughter religions‘ who likewise worship avodah zarah.   The prophet Bil’am called upon the Name of HaShem in order to curse Israel!

        Another slightly distant precedent:  כד: א -טו.   Tohorah faith learns from divorce wherein a man gives to his ex-wife her ‚Get‘, and sends the woman out of his home-life.   If this woman marries another man, regardless if that 2nd husband dies or divorces her; an abomination to remarry that woman again.   Actions speak louder than words, theologies, creeds or dogmas.   Neither church nor mosque share any portion in the Torah oath brit faith; any more than does the House of Lot after that king hired Bil’am to curse Israel.

        Another slightly distant precedent כו: טז – יט.   The chosen Cohen brit nation, if we respect, protect and honor the dignity of our own people; and do not lust to conquer foreign countries like as do the Goyim empires; then the chosen Cohen nation lives as the apple of the eye of HaShem.

        The book of ירמיה commands a precise mussar precedent to understand the 2nd סוגיה of the first פרק of the Parshah of צו.  Learning the Torah by means of tohor Prophetic precedents proves that the Prophets learned the Written Torah based upon the Oral Torah logic system of the 13 middot Horev revelation.  ירמיה ד: ג -ח.

        The worship of HaShem with the forms of ritualisms while oppressing the orphans and widows; when the prophets and judges receive bribes to enrich the rich and deprive the poor.  Such ‚holier than thou‘ faith accounts only for contempt in the eyes of HaShem.

        Another precise precedent:  ה: י – יג.  Creeds and dogmas do not determine faith.  Humility and protecting the backs of the chosen Cohen nation — ruling the land with tohor righteous justice defines Torah faith.

        Another precise precedent:  ט: יא – טו.  Confusing the ritual forms of faith with the obligation to rule the oath sworn lands with righteous justice through the lateral common law courts, brings the death of Torah curses which culminate in g’lut of the entire nations from off the oath sworn lands.

        A slightly removed precedent: יא: יח – כא.  Woe to the fools who trust in their wealth, pride and arrogance; their fancy apparel, fine shoes, and gold cufflinks – over the Torah obligation to respect the dignity of the weak and exhausted among people.   Whose behavior resembles the hardened hearts and manners of both Par’o and Amalek in the days of Moshe the prophet. 

        Another slightly distant precedent: טז: ט – יג.   A strong mussar rebuke of utter contempt for the crimes of worshipping rituals, making animal barbecues unto heaven, and other such total nonsense as worshipping Creeds and Dogmas over the oath brit faith.

        Another slightly distant precedent: יז: ז – יג.  Another strong mussar rebuke of fools whose weak and trivial loving hearts pursue vanity.  A slightly distant precedent: לב: ו – יד.  The mussar instruction given hear, a משל to the oath sworn brit which the Avot cut upon their chosen Cohen seed having an oath brit inheritance unto the Promised land.   G’lut, a major theme in the faith of the Torah – starting with the expulsion of Adam from the Garden of Eden.

        The decree of g’lut means nothing without the דיוק\inference of geulah/redemption from g’lut.  As classically remembered by Israel’s redemption from Egyptian slavery… part of the opening commandment of the Sinai revelation of HaShem as the G-d of Israel.

        An exact and precise precedent from the prophet, לז: יב – לח: יג.  G’lut of a nation represents the most bitter times of anarchy, chaos, and Civil War.   The first rule of government: to prevent the outbreak of Civil War among the bnai brit people.   How?   The burden on the lateral courtrooms to hear the bitter disputes which threaten to divide our people and make righteous judicial rulings.   When justice rules within the oath sworn lands, Civil War has no power to raise its ugly head.

        Herein concludes the first פרק of the Parshah of צו.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, Sie dürfen mich so viel verachten wie es Ihnen beliebt. Ich will mit Ihnen, über Ihre Überzeugungen, weder mich verteidigen, ich will mit Ihnen kein weiteres Gespräch mehr führen.

      • Cool. You be a nice clown now ya hear. LOL

      • Ich sage Ihnen, reden Sie über mich, so viel sie wollen.

      • hgamma, your anger compares to your idea of justice. LOL both just flat wrong.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, was Sie mir an Wut anmassen, Ihre Gerechtigkeit sie sei Ihnen angemessen, was an mir falsch ist, ist meine Sache. Ich will mit Ihnen nicht reden.

      • So stop talking to me Bozo. LOL Your so funny.

      • Ya see, a person can better enjoy life when that person stops taking himself soooo seriously. LOL

      • Ich nehme mich ernst.

      • Exactly, that’s why your representation of yourself so resembles to that of a comic clown.

      • Sie sagen es, ich habe der Welt nichts von Bedeutung zu sagen.

      • Who is „they“? General statements lacking specific particulars means absolutely nothing but pure adulterated gossip.

      • Sie sagen es, ich habe der Welt nichts Konkretes, keinen Klatsch vorzutragen.

      • Again, who is they? A pronoun lacking an original noun says nothing. LOL

      • Sie sagen es, es ist ein Fürwort.

      • Sie sagen es, Gerüchte vom Hörensagen gibt es auch in der Justiz.

      • Who are they? You have given no Names.

      • Sie sagen es, Sie (Anrede, Höflichkeitsform) Sie selbst Herr mosckerr, Sie sind damit gemeint.

      • LOL HaHaHaHa wow now your comedy really made me laugh. Would have never guessed that your „they“ refers to myself as the object noun. |HaHaHaHaHa your really quite funny. Honestly you should perform in a circus.

      • Sie sagen es, Herr mosckerr, nein ich habe keinen Bedarf.

      • mocker … nice word play.

      • Ich spotte der Worte nicht, Herr mosckerr.

      • Wie Sie dem wollen, Herr mosckerr.

      • Justice rejects „they“ hearsay gossip.

      • Don’t view myself as being a religion. LOL

      • Ich habe keine Rückbindung zu verbuchen.

      • We view each other as complete and total aliens. Up till late you spoke in Hebrew, but the distance of classic Jewish culture and customs from you and myself … you could live on the planet Mars you’re so completely removed from Yiddishkeit. LOL Its one of your most charmingly funny quirks that causes me to laugh. HaHaHaHa.

      • Ich stehe auf meinen Füssen, Sie auf den Ihrigen. Mensch ist Mensch, nichts anderes.

      • You stand in g’lut and assimilate to the customs and manners of Goyim.

      • Die Gesinnung der Sitten und Gebräuche, (darin geschützt wie in der Wiege der Mutter), kann einem Erwachsenen nicht helfen, seine eigenen Schattenseiten zu erkennen, damit in eigener Verantwortung, sein eigenes Leben zu gestalten.

      • The Pesach you did nor did not eat חמץ?

      • Zum Fest dem Gedenken an den Auszug aus Ägypten mit dem Passahlamm

        Ich esse, Obst, Brot, Kartoffeln und Gemüse, vom Lamm nur ganz selten

        Das Sauerteigbrot mache ich selber

      • The Pesach seder meal does not include lamb. You confuse the situation that existed before the Romans expelled virtually all surviving Jews from Judea. In like manner b/c you worship avodah zarah ie assimilation to Goyim cultures and customs, you confuse the removal of חמץ – משל with the removal of avodah zarah – נמשל.

        I too love sourdough bread, but this all together misses the Pesach issue. Israel left the „slavery“ of Egyptian assimilation to live and rule our own country based upon our own culture and customs as established through the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.

      • Ich mag von alledem was Sie behaupten nichts verstehen.

        Die Sklaverei, der Rassenhass gibt es auf der Erde bis heute; man muss nach Gräueltaten nicht suchen; der Angriffskrieg, die Leittragenden sind Frauen und Kinder, was der unteilbaren Menschenwürde und der Gerechtigkeit widerspricht.

        Ihre Kultur und Gebräuche sind Ihnen belassen, ich sage Ihnen, nicht alles worauf Sie bestehen, muss ich, oder jemand anderer, ohne zu prüfen übernehmen.

      • I check everything you say and expect the same. Fact … no European court held the Xtian church guilty of committing war crime atrocities.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, ich bin nicht die Kirche, ich bin kein Priester, ich weiss um die Kriegsverbrechen, der sogenannt Heiligen, den Zeugen, in Ihrer Mission, den Schandtaten bis heute.
        Ich habe keinen Gott zur Hand, keinen Glauben, um zu prüfen ob jemand sich der Gerechtigkeit, und sich an die unteilbare Menschenwürde hält, unterstellt oder nicht.
        Ich zweifle an Ihrer selbst gelobten Rechtschaffenheit. Sich an Gesetz und Gebote zu halten, sagt rein gar nichts.
        Ich sage Ihnen, überprüfen Sie sich selbst, bevor Sie die ganze Welt, mit Ihrem Gerechtigkeitsinn, mit Ihrem Urteil über die Bösen anderen, wirklich so gerecht sind, wie sie dem so tun, behaupten und sind.

      • LOL the obligation to rule the oath sworn land with righteous justice applies equally to all generations of the bnai brit people.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, Sie reden von Gerechtigkeit, aus Ihrer Überzeugung, Ihren Behauptungen, ich zweifle an Ihnen, dass Sie Gerechtigkeit für die ganze Menschheit wollen.

      • Man kind can go to hell in a hand basket. Am interested that the Jewish state rule my people with justice.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, ich kenne meine Hölle gut genug.

        Ihr Sinn, Ihre Behauptung von Gerechtigkeit für Sie und welche die dazu gesellen lassen wollen, ist Ihre Sache.

        Ich sage Ihnen ich will mit Ihnen, weder über Teufel und Gott nicht diskutieren.

      • See we agree. Cause I have never discussed with you not the devil or the Gods. LOL the Torah stands upon the יסוד of צדק צדק תרדף.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, Ihre Element der Gerechtigkeit, sind Ihre Überzeugungen der Gerechtigkeit.
        Ich will mit Ihnen nicht über das, was Ihnen Gerechtigkeit bedeutet diskutieren.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, es geht Sie keinen Deut etwas an, wie mein Leben wirklich ist. Ich sage Ihnen, Sie dürfen mich , so viel Sie wollen, mit welcher Notdurft auch immer bewerfen. Ich will mit Ihnen nicht mehr reden und nichts mehr zu tun haben.

      • צדק צדק תרדף straight from the Torah. Bozo ya made me laugh again.

      • Ich sage Ihnen, Ihre Hassreden gegen mich, haben nichts mit Gerechtigkeit zu tun.

      • Dude, do not hate you. Your down right funny and make me laugh.

      • Ich bin nicht Ihr Alter, ich will nichts mit Ihnen zu tun haben.

      • Exactly your an old man in your 70s.

      • Hence the Oral Torah interpretations made on the Written Torah.

      • איפה
        את הפה המלא
        על קלף
        אני שומע את הנשמה מדברת אלי היום

      • Logic requires discipline like as does kung fu. Disciplined learning rejects rhetoric ie undefined terms like „הנשמה מדברת אלי“.

      • בודהה הוא מואר
        אני לא
        אפשר לדבר בחוכמה
        לא אני
        ההגדרות שלך הן ההגדרות שלך לא שלי
        הלוגוס לא צריך לנאום נאומים מתנשאים
        מה הנשמה שלך אומרת לך
        זה לא הקטע שלי

      • The 9th chapter of Leviticus: ד: כז – לא

        This chapter addresses the korban of purification (of the Moshiach) for the common man…נפש אחת תחטא.  The central focus of Torah faith centers upon the eternal struggle – obligation to live life as a Mensch.  Pirkei Avot 2:5 „In a place where there are no people, you should strive to be a person.“  The k’vanna of this mussar, based upon לבבך\כם of the kre’a shma acceptance of the yoke of heaven.  Perhaps the sharpest contrast to this mussar, the disgraced Nazi soldiers who attempted to justify their war criminal behavior with the excuse of simply following orders.

        A slightly distant precedent דברים יב: כט – יג: א.  This mussar commanded by this sugia warns against assimilation.  Assimilation to the cultures and customs of Goyim who never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai & Horev, represents a huge expression of the jealousy felt by the Yatzir Ha’Rah.

        Another slightly removed precedent יח: ו – ח.  The Tribe of Levi did not receive a Tribal inheritance of the land as did the other sons of Yaacov.  The crisis of the Golden Calf, Levi demonstrated their t’shuvah, and received a direct portion of the Cohen obligation to instruct prophetic mussar unto the rest of the Nation.  Israel has an eternal obligation to give heart to Levi so as not to arouse the tumah Yatzir of jealousy and lust.  

        Another slightly distant precedent כג: כב – כד.  Making a Torah vow, (as mentioned previously like committing to write a Sefer Torah), a person should not delay this mitzvah, lest it arouse the jealousy of HaShem.

        A distant precedent ל:טו – כ.  HaShem jealously judges each and every generation as to our fidelity to the oath sworn by the Avot unto HaShem.  G’lut Jewry as a hard and fast rule, they only know of the oath which HaShem swore an oath brit with the Avot.  Ignored and totally forgotten the 3 oaths which the Avot swore to HaShem when they cut the oath brit faith.  

        The jealousy of HaShem forever judges the dedication of the generations to keep the oaths, our eternal inheritance, sworn by the Avot unto HaShem.  The scales of justice weigh Blessing or Curse; Life or Death; Judicial justice within the oath sworn lands or judicial corruption and oppression of the strong over the weak, the wealthy over the poor.

        The משנה תורה does not include an exact precedent for this the 9th פרק of the Parshah of ויקרא.  But the prophet ישעיה commands mussar precedents which serve as precise precedents by which to understand the k’vanna of this the 9th פרק of Leviticus.  

        כז: יב – יג  This mussar commands hope for the coming g’eulah from the cruel oppression endured by our People in g’lut.  Three years after the Goyim systematically murdered 75% of European Jewry, the nation of Israel rose out of our 2000+ years grave; and cast our cruel Goyim overlords, both Xtians and Muslims, unto a g’lut of their very own.  Europe ceased existence as Xtian nations, and the common man moans, waiting for the 2nd Coming; stateless refugee Arabs decry their absolute disgrace … the victory of the risen Jewish State.

        Another precise, exact precedent of mussar: כט: כב – ל: ה.  The jealousy of HaShem does not forget the oath sworn to Avraham, Yitzak, and Yaacov.  This opening sugia precedent opens with the term: לכן.  Midrash teaches that this word expresses the language of an oath.

        None the less the tumah Yatzir Ha’Rah within the hearts of the Israeli common man, it continually entices the daughter of Zion to pursue assimilation to the customs, ways, and practices of Goyim who never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev.  The revelation of the Written and Oral Torah serve as eternal witnesses in all matters of דיני נפשות.  All Cases of דיני נפשות require no less than two independent witnesses.

        Another precise and exact mussar rebuke: לא: א – ג.  The mussar stands clear and crisp: ומצרים אדם ולא אל.  As horses live as flesh, and not spirit, so too and how much more so the רוח הקודש middot of the Oral Torah breath tohor spirits rather than kleppah shells of empty word noises that cry for mercy, expressions of faithless assimilated Israelis and g’lut Jews.

        Still another precise and exact mussar rebuke: מ: ט – כו.  The mussar of Moshiach burns in the opening sugia.  HaShem alone rules as KING over his chosen Cohen Nation.

        The 2nd sugia again validates HaShem alone as the KING of the chosen Cohen Nation.  Israel remembers the mussar rebuke of the prophet Shmuel when assimilated Israel rebelled and asked for a king other than HaShem.  HaShem alone brought Israel out of the slavery of Egyptian oppression.  HaShem alone commanded the first and second Commandments of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai; @ Horev – the revelation of the 13 tohor middot spirits of רוח הקודש logic – appointed by HaShem alone – as the eternal inheritance of the chosen Cohen nation.   The Oral Torah revelation of רוח הקודש permits the generations to interpret the k’vanna of the Written Torah common law codification,,, the תרי“ג commandments.

        The preachers of theology establish Creeds and Dogmas that command Goyim to believe in God in this or that fashion.  Comparable to fools who compare HaShem to sticks and stones.  Justice this obligation has the KING placed into the hands of the chosen Cohen Nation.  Justice stands alone as the sole obligation which the תרי“ג commandments command the generations.

        Creeds, Theology, Dogmas, and Doctrines do not compare to the 1st Commandment of the Revelation of the Torah @ Sinai.  Yet this has not stopped Goyim attempts to replace with their beliefs – Monotheism and Trinity etc – as did the fools who cast their idols cut out of gold or fine wood.   As if their Replacement theologies possessed the power to cast the Crown of the KING unto their satanic Hell.

        Still another exact precise mussar precedent which the prophet commands: סב: י – יב.  Another vision of the redemption of the chosen Cohen nation from the cruel unjust oppression imposed by Statute Laws, the expression of tyrants.  HaShem redeems Israel from g’lut and restores the eternal obligation to rule the oath sworn lands with righteous lateral common law justice.

      • אין לי דת
        אין לי הודעה להעביר
        אין לי ודאות
        לשפוט את הצדק והלא נכון של אחרים
        אני מחויב לכבוד האדם הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה של כל האנשים

      • ההוראה של הריק

      • Yes, its called in my nomenclature as :: NOISE.

      • הכל אמור להיות ככה
        איך אתה רוצה

      • The 11th chapter of Leviticus. The chapter contains 3 sugiot: ה: א – י.יא – יג. יד – יט.

        Learning the Written Torah by means of משנה תורה and prophetic precedents requires an in-depth study of the logic of the Oral Torah middot system.  The different Torah commandments, they compare to Mishnaic Case\Din Law.  The contrast between the study of commandments as precedents to grasp the mussar Moshe the prophet commands the generations of Israel.   

        Contrast the statute law codes of positive and negative commandments and halachot.   The distance which separates these divergent legal systems, as vast as the Pacific ocean that separates the United States from Japan.  The latter separate the commandments into a simplified positive & negative „racial“ division.   This sh’itta fails to appreciate how one commandment amplifies and interprets other commandments – the most important and essential key to understanding the Torah as common law.  The Reshon Rambam and those influenced by his error, the Baal Ha’Turim sits at the top of this long list of ignominy.   This ירידות הדורות – Domino Effect caused Yosef Karo, and all his later commentators, an inability to grasp the Torah as the first common law codification.

        Once Napoleon freed Western Jewry from our illegal ghetto imprisonment, almost immediately thereafter rabbinic Judaism fragmatized.  This triggered a massive delegitimization of Rabbinic Judaism, especially coupled together with the introduction of citizen rights and separation of church and State.  Rabbinic Judaism failed, to this very day, to address the assimilation of Jewish populations to modern Goyim societies, together with the explosion of technological innovations which has defined the reality confronted by post Ghetto Jewry unto this very day.

        Rabbinic Judaism, its opposition to Zionism, has severely set back the effort to re-impose the Torah as the Written Constitution of the Jewish state.  Delegitimated Rabbinic Judaism, has attempted to re-establish the Sanhedrin court system.  Alas these rabbis, to which I initially joined, do not possess the slightest clue how to set up a lateral common law Sanhedrin courtroom.   In dismay I personally witnessed a vote by which my peers decided to base the Sanhedrin court upon the Rambam statute code.  My peers preferred the model of the Rambam statute law code over the Talmud common law code!   At that point came the realization of the ineptitude of my rabbinic peers.

        Rav Yoel Schwartz followed up this gross error with an attempt to cause the Sanhedrin to adjudicate a Benai Noach legal dispute abroad.   The Sanhedrin court has a legal mandate limited to within the borders of Israel.   The entire reason to promote Benai Noach abroad, to educate Goyim in Torah common law here in Israel, which would permit these Goyim to return unto their homelands and establish common law Benai Noach courtrooms abroad.   My vocal opposition to Rav Schwartz got me expelled from the Sanhedrin.

        Following the collapse of the Sanhedrin attempt to adjudicate a Benai Noach legal dispute abroad, my former peers then switched tracks and focused upon Benai Noach sacrifices.   Even while a member of the Sanhedrin, this too I opposed.   Korbanot involve making a Torah oath, they do not exist merely as making a barbecue unto Heaven.  The Sanhedrin chose one Roger Gatton to dedicate korbanot.  He successfully built an altar and made a bird sacrifice based upon the instruction given by Ben Shurr and myself.

        Then the Sanhedrin under the „leadership“ of Hillel Weiss, attempted another korban, this time the dedication of a whole lamb.   The Chilul HaShem, Weiss demanded that a Goy place the slaughtered lamb intact, directly upon the altar – wool guts and all.  Roger Gratton refused to participate in that stupid act of korbanot ignorance!   The charred corpse of that blackened mutilated lamb, thereafter packed into a plastic trash bag and cast upon the garbage heap!

        The complete and total ignorance of Hillel Weise on the Gemarah of זבחים forced the expulsion of Weise from the Sanhedrin; a similar „korban“ attempted revolution within the government of Israel itself.  Those rabbis simply lacked the required knowledge and skill necessary to organize lateral common law courtrooms.  To which, Moshe the prophet set the precedent, before he passed from this world.  

        To establish a Federal Sanhedrin court system starts with the small Sanhedrin courtrooms – the purpose of the 6 cities of refuge.  To re-established the Great Sanhedrin Federal Court, Israel must return and accept both the Republic, together with Capital Crimes punishments. 

        The Great Sanhedrin does not function as a lower Torts court, which judges cases of damages, both within Israel and abroad.  The Great Sanhedrin, not organized around selected committees, as defined by the US Congress.  The Great Sanhedrin does not compare to a legislature which votes on bills through a majority plurality.

        A Great Sanhedrin judges Capital Crimes Cases.  The judicial „buck“ stops within the Great Sanhedrin.  The Nasi splits the Court into Prosecutor and Defense judges who argue their case position before the opposition judges within the Court, and the Nasi.   The objective of the arguments, to cause one or more of the opposition justices to validate the arguments of the opposing justices.   To cause one or more of the opposition justices to leave their group, and join the other side.  If no movement of this nature occurs among the justices, then the Nasi makes the final ruling.

        The korban of purification addresses a broad spectrum of tumah guilt.  Avodat HaShem revolves around the opposing poles of tohor and tumah.  The Torah continually differentiates between form and substance.  The substance of all Torah prophetic commandments – mussar applicable to all generations of Israel.  Something like the iron sites of a rifle.  Prophetic mussar represents the rear fixed substance site, while korbanot expresses the front moving site – that views ever changing forms of reality.

        A slightly distant precedent דברים ב: ב – ח.  Relations with Esau, fluid and always changing.  Jealousy and fear define the relations with Esau and Israel.  Moshe commands a mussar regarding relations with Esau based upon weary caution; trade but limited social interactions.

        דברים does not have a precise precedent by which to understand the mussar applicable to this type of korban.  ישעיה however instructs a precise mussar commandment: כח: ט – יג.  To understand complex and abstract strategy requires much more than a superficial understanding and an emotional reactionary approach to living life.

        Newspapers and Television opinionated news – from such empty propaganda a Man does not learn, much less develop strategic doctrines.  Men such as Hillel Weise should never assume the mantle of leadership.

        Another precise precedent ל: יב – יח.  The wisdom of judgment does not come from platitudes and the power of Office.  The forms of government do not make a Man wise.  Trade with Goyim requires caution and restraint.   Knowledge that Esau views Israel with jealousy and fear merits deep consideration.  Obviously, for Israel to copy and duplicate the ways and practices of Esau – most unwise.  Esau knows nothing of the tohor\tumah division which forever separates avodat HaShem from avodah zarah.

        A distant precedent: מד: א – ה.  The reverse equally merits strong restraint, when Esau pretends to call himself „the New Israel“.  Esau knows nothing about the differences between tohor and tumah.  Islam abhors pork but consumes camel products; it does animal slaughter with a knife, yet knows nothing of kashrut.  The so-called ‚daughter religions‘ worship alien foreign Gods.

        Another distant precedent: מה: ח – יג.  Creeds, theologies, and dogma the church declares that these have replaced the authority of the Torah.  As if the pot can give mussar to the Creator of the pot.  Yet the so-called „daughter religions“ do just that; they invalidate the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment and pollute the Name by „converting“ the רוח הקודש unto words, just as did Aaron when he translated the Name unto the word אלהים.

        This והארץ היתה תהו ובהו, precedent requires deep consideration.  That, the opening פרק of the Written Torah goes from בראשית א: א – ה.  Six times, like the Order of the Mishna, the word Name אלהים employed.  To what does this opening sugia of the Torah compare?  Perhaps the mitzvah to remove all חמץ the entire 7 days of Chag Pesach.

        Why does חמץ carry the din of כרת, during the positive time oriented commandment of Pesach?   All the rest of the year, eating חמץ, the basis of bread, quite preferrable.   What mussar does the struggle to remove חמץ from our lives during this positive time oriented commandment, what k’vanna does this harsh commandment come to teach?  Does חמץ compare to Capital Crimes?  Answer: Yes.
        How does חמץ compare to a Capital Crime?  Answer:  Avodah zarah.  The commandment to remove חמץ teaches mussar by means of the sh’itta known as משל\נמשל — form/substance.  Paro, together with the so-called daughter religions, all worship foreign Gods.  The mitzva of counting the Omer, serves as a precedent by which to learn the k’vanna of the משל command to remove all חמץ from a persons‘ domain prior to Pesach.

        Prior to acceptance of the Torah, the k’vanna of Chag Shevuoth, Israel counts the Omer.  Just as prior to Pesach the chosen Cohen nation removes חמץ from our domain, so too the Omer we struggle to do t’shuvah upon our Yatzir Ha’rah who entices us to worship avodah zarah.  

        Just 40 days after the terror of the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai, Israel translated the Name unto the word אלהים and therein worshipped avodah zarah as taught through the משל of the ‚Golden Calf‘.  Torah teaches the mussar of how to discern between substance and form.   

        This fundamental distinction serves as a יסוד by how the משנה תורה interprets the k’vanna of the language of the other 4 Books of the Written Torah.  All of the תרי“ג mitzvot have no „legs“ to stand – by themselves alone – without the living tohor Spirit of mussar which breathes life into these commandments as HaShem breathed life into clay and caused Adam Ha’Reshon to live.

        The study of the common law Written Torah learns by way of precedents.  These precedents both define and command mussar to all living generations of Israel.  Just as the commentaries written by the Reshonim scholars have no legs to stand by themselves alone, so too the Written Torah commandments require the משנה תורה to breathe a living soul into those commandments.

        Shabbot and the negative commandment not to do m’lachot requires the Oral Torah to define the k’vanna of this great Torah commandment.  All the תרי“ג mitzvot separate and discern between substance and form.  Worlds separate the forms of government from the real power welded by political leaders who rule a nation.  Oral Torah requires living generations to interpret the k’vanna of the תרי“ג commandments forms.  

        Hence the colossal titanic error of codifying the תרי“ג commandments into statute law positive and negative commandments, which virtually all the Reshonim scholars after the Rambam Civil War failed to denounce.  The perversion of Torah common law unto statute law compares to eating חמץ during Pesach.

        A precise precedent מח: א – ב.  HaShem eternally weighs the heart of man and discerns between truth of substance and the lies of external flattery.   The 2nd סוגיה addresses the subject of the dedication of a meal offering, applicable to the poorest folk among our Cohen nation.   It compares to the meal offering of a wife whose husband burns with jealousy, who suspects her of committing the Capital Crime of adultery.

        A precise משנה תורה precedent: דברים כד: י – יג.  All bnai brit Israel dedicate our lives before HaShem to respect and preserve the dignity of our people.  The capital crime of adultery emphatically betrays this solemn dedication before HaShem.  ישעיה too commands a precise precedent.  מא: א – ז.  The non bnai brit Goyim always confuse forms of faith for the substance of faith.  Torah faith stands upon the יסוד of the oaths sworn by the Avot, HaShem in turn swore an eternal deed inheritance of the oath sworn lands given to the chosen Cohen nation.  Esau and Ishmael reject this brit on par with their rejection of the Torah @ Sinai @ Horev.

        The 3rd סוגיה of this פרק: the אשם ram offering.  A slightly distant precedent, דברים ב: ח – טז.  The Arabs promote a blood libel slander, known as ‚Greater Israel‘.  They foist their covetous eye upon the Jewish people and declare that we seek to conquer Arab lands.  

        In point of fact, Israeli foreign policy seeks to promote Arab sovereignty over their People and lands.  Only in this manner can Israel gain the trust of our Arab and Muslim neighbors to cement an economic alliance of trade and establish the North African trade route.

        A slightly distant precedent: טז: יח – כב.  The tohor obligation to rule the land with Case\Rule common law justice stands in sharp contrast with the Yatzir which worships power and oppression of the weak and helpless.

        A precise משנה תורה precedent: דברים כד: יד – כה: יב.  The dedication of the אשם korban of purification, its k’vanna centers upon respecting and protecting the dignity of our Cohen people, regardless of their economic standing in this life.

        A precise mussar precedent learned from ישעיה, מא: ח – טז.  HaShem brings the geulah from g’lut and respects the dignity of his chosen Cohen nation.  All the enemies and oppressors of Israel, their time basking in the Sun, the pride of their faith and religions shall permanently fade unto the dust, like the bones of a dead man.

        A kosher Chag Pesach to all my people.

      • אני לא מתפלל לאף עגל
        לא זה ולא זה

      • HaHaHaHa you confuse form with substance. HaHaHa ya really make me laugh. Thank You ya ought to consider joining a circus.

      • ציטוט:
        חחחחח אתה מבלבל בין צורה לחומר. חחחח אתה ממש מצחיק אותי. תודה


        מה שמהווה בלבול עבורך
        מתאים לי
        הצעת מחיר

      • Think you could call your blog „Charlie Chaplin“.

      • מה
        לגרום לנו לחשוב
        זה העסק שלך

      • זה העסק שלה

      • מכל מי שאתה רוצה שיהיה לך טוב יותר

      • Noise. An idea requires a subject and a predicate. Not wishy washy narishkeit.

      • כל רעיון מייצג אמירה
        הליבה של מבנה משפטים
        לא חייב לרגש את כל העולם
        מה אתה רוצה או לא
        זה עניינך

      • Bunk communications using languages requires obedience to the rules of grammer.

      • אתה לא צריך לדבר איתי
        אם אינך אוהב את סדר המילים שלי

      • I think your a funny person, with a nice sense of humor. You make me laugh.

      • Wie Sie dem wollen

      • Humor is funny, and you are quite funny.

      • Wie es Ihnen gefällt.

      • No such thing as „righteous“ independent of „justice“.

      • אני לא מכיר אף צדיק

      • That b/c you live in accursed g’lut.

      • הם עלולים

        אם זה עוזר לך

      • To live in the oath sworn lands and to inspire your generation to rule the land with justice ie lateral Sanhedrin court rooms. The Sanhedrin has no jurisdiction in g’lut.

      • אני בן אדם
        כדור הארץ הזה
        בין אם זאת
        הצדק בינינו בני האדם קיים או לא

      • G’lut Jews do not even realize the absence of justice in the lands they live in.

      • הצדק הוא הסטנדרט של הצדיקים

      • Justice never existed in g’lut.

      • הצדק
        חייב לעבור עיבוד מחדש כל יום

      • Again you have stated the obvious. Yet in g’lut justice never exists.

      • זה כך

        איך זה

      • For yourself alone.

      • G’lut Jews like yourself can not keep mitzvot.

      • אני מנסה
        כל בני האדם
        גם את עצמך
        עם כבוד האדם הבלתי ניתן לחלוקה
        להבין ולהתבונן

      • Israel came out of Egypt to rule the oath sworn lands with justice.

      • כולם צדיקים
        עם שלהם
        ידיים תמימות
        אחת ולתמיד
        להביא לכדור הארץ

      • The world has never known peace b/c the world does not know what justice means.

      • העולם לא יודע

        האדם חייב להיות מסוגל להבחין בין רע לטוב

      • The world never accepted the revelation of the Torah @ Sinai

      • עולם האנשים
        נאמר לאחר גילוי הנשמה
        לשפוט בהתאם

      • You have yet to define the term הנשמה from the Torah. Your term הנשמה means !@#$%^, meaning i do not have the slightest clue what your gibberish means.

      • אף אחד לא צריך לדעת נשמה
        אם הנשמה היא שטות עבורך

      • The Torah defines the term „soul“ but you rely upon alien Goyim definitions for „soul“.

      • אני לא צריך להגדיר את מציאות הנשמה.

      • !@#$% does not means swat. If you cannot define the terms you use, especially the key terms upon which you hang an argument, then what you write = !@#$%.

      • אני מדבר מהמצפון שלי

      • You speak from your Ego. Your private opinion carries weight only with yourself alone.

      • אתה מדבר מהאגו שלך. לדעה הפרטית שלך יש משקל רק עם עצמך בלבד.

      • A person opinion shares nothing with the legal rule of learning a Case by comparing that Case to other similar precedents learned from both the Torah and the Prophets.

      • Cool, but this egotism does not interest me in the least. Torah shapes the opinions of the bnai brit folk, not Egotistical self centered ideologies like you represent.

      • נראה לי טוב במיוחד
        שאתה לא מעוניין בי
        אין לי גם מסר להכריז לעולם

      • You and I do not know one another at all. We hold and express viewpoints which communicate our mutual perspectives on life.

      • אני אפילו לא רוצה להכיר אותך
        יש לי את החיים שלי
        יש לך את החיים שלך

      • שום דבר לא עושה לי טוב בדיאלוג שלנו

      • HaHaHa now that made me laugh.

      • צחוק עושה אותך בריא

      • Definitely. This our dialogue – its really quite humorous. Thank You.

      • אני לא אוהב את חוש ההומור שלך.

      • Can’t please every one so you got to please yourself. LOL

      • זה יכול
        לעשות טובה גדולה
        אם השיחה שלנו
        יגיע לקיצו בקרוב

      • Life and death blessing and curse – the language of Moshe on his last day living. This languages separates the obligation to rule the land with justice from enduring g’lut as a stateless refugee who has no rights.

      • כל שליט
        לוקח את השבועה
        אז המלכות
        להנהיג ביד צודקת
        מה ניתן לראות עד היום
        ההפך הגמור
        ברור מאליו

      • swearing false oaths … the Gemarah of Sanhedrin attributes the floods in the days of Noach to swearing false oaths.

      • מי שלא נשבע שבועה לא נשבע גם שבועת שווא.

      • But the brit faith stands upon the oath which the Avot swore and their children accept this sworn oaths made by the Avot as an eternal inheritance. Many assimilated Jews shluff off the burden of the oath brit faith.

      • אמונה זה טוב
        תוצרת עצמית
        יותר טוב

      • The Torah definition for אמונה bears no resemblance to your belief system.

      • אני לא מאמין לכלום
        אני רוצה לדעת

      • I too am an atheist praise God

      • אני לא אתאיסט כי אין לי בבעלותי את אלוהים.

      • Not a בן ברית either.

      • אני מחובר לרוח שלי
        ואת הנשמה

      • All belief systems, avodah zarah, begin with אני.

      • אין לי אמונה לייצג

      • You represent the faith of „mother earth“.

      • אני לא מחזיק באמונה כלשהי
        אני בן אדם

      • So you are not Jewish but choose to communicate in Hebrew with me, an Israeli. LOL

      • זה תלוי בי באיזו שפה אני משתמש כדי לדבר איתך.

      • Hebrew does not change the fact that you have no education in Jewish culture and customs.

      • אני לא חייב שיהיה לי כלום
        אני לא צריך להיות משהו
        אני בן אדם

      • אני אני אני sounds like a confirmed egomaniac. LOL

      • מותר לך לעשות מה שאתה רוצה ביומנים שלך

      • Yep. Ya want to express emotional immaturity, more power to ya. LOL

      • מה
        לא בוגר מספיק
        אתה לא צריך לאכול את זה

      • The Perennial Bachelor

      • יהיו לו את הסיבות שלו

      • In short … all theology dogma doctrine etc that stands apart from justice … = …. bull shit.

      • זה
        להיות הכל
        ממש כמו
        זה יהיה מפורש עבורך כפי שהוא עבורך

      • The guilt trip of sin has no part in Judges determination of a case heard before the court. The court requires evidence NOT theology dogma and belief non sense.

      • בית משפט

        על פשע
        גזר דין
        לפי אמות המידה החומריות
        אחרי הרדיפה
        הרשות השופטת
        וקבעו חוקים

        בעולם הפנימי
        של האנושי
        אין לו שיפוט אנושי
        כל דבר
        כדי לחפש

        כי בפנים
        את הדין
        חובת ההוכחה

        בבני אדם
        לפי הפסקאות
        כדי למצוא

      • The church did war crimes against humanity and never once did a European court hold the church accountable. Hence no justice.

      • אין לי שום קשר לכנסייה.

      • Good. But you ignore the point … Justice never existed in g’lut.

      • אני לא מתעלם מכלום
        של ה
        מה המציאות אומרת לך
        אני חי במציאות שלי

      • Cool, more power to ya.

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  2. Wow poetry in Japanese. In Israel, speak to my dog in chinese. But do not know how to write in that language.

  3. Really glad to see this and thankyou so much for your sweet words sir.
    Have an amazing day ahead!

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